Dave King

Dave King


"Tonelift was born from the desire to blend composition with an elements of improvisation. Music and film combine to deliver an unforgettable multi-media event.


Behind the assured, amiable demeanor of Dave King lurks a musical visionary. His long time fascination with alternative forms of song presentation propelled him through the conception and development of his latest and long awaited second solo offering, "Peacefully". And after years of experimentation, and in conjunction with this new release, Dave is also proud to share with fans and newcomers alike a project he calls, "The Tonelift".

"Peacefully" delivers 10 original songs that continue to showcase King's extraordinary songwriting abilities. The songs are graced by sweet melodies and guided by thoughtful expressions of compassionate intellect. Critics described Dave's first solo effort, "Elevators", released in 2005, as "a heartfelt, lush masterpiece that might make you think of Brian Wilson or Paul McCartney". With "Peacefully", one could add Wilco to the list, and the songs hold an evocative lyricism reminiscent of Dave's friend Ron Sexsmith. Incidentally, Sexsmith sits in on "Younger", Peacefully's second track, garnering him background vocals and piano credits.

Tonelift, the other side of Dave's vision, was born from the desire to blend composition with an element of improvisation. Using "Peacefully" as its musical keystone, Tonelift is an intuitive and unique one man performance concept using taurus bass pedals, miniature acoustic drums, electronic loopers, guitars and vocals, as well as incorporating a multi media short film show in the feat- all, it should be noted, improvised on the fly. The result for an audience is a powerful, enigmatic journey of the senses through the intriguing heart and mind of this talented musical surveyor.

King has toured and or recorded internationally with scores of Grammy, Juno and multi platinum award winners, including performances with such artists as Canadian legend Paul Anka, Switzerland's multi platinum artist Stephan Eicher, T-Bone Burnett, Ian Thomas, King Biscuit Boy, Lava Hay and John Bottomley just to name a few. Other career highlights have been in playing to European festival audiences (topping 40,000), appearing and playing in televised shows from Paris's famed "Olympia theatre", and working on varied movie and TV soundtracks including "Snow Walker" and France's #1 animated series "Skyland".

Fall 2007 sees Dave producing Hamilton's award winning guitarist/songwriter Steve Strongman's new CD, due out Summer 2008, and Dave will be joining him for some touring in Canada (November 2007) followed by some dates in Europe. Dave is also looking forward to sharing"Peacefully" in both acoustic and Tonelift's format to audiences across Ontario and Quebec this fall and winter, and then it is on to 2008 where this musical seer will continue to push the boundaries of tradition to create musical experiences that both fascinate the mind and feed the soul.

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See video of Dave's acoustic and Tonelift performances on his website: http:www.daveking.ca, and/or his Myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/tonelift


Elevators 2005
Peacefully 2007

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