Dave Lear

Dave Lear


White rock/soul a la early Springsteen but with enough of a contemporary edge to draw comparisons to Beck. Intelligent, soulful songwriting and sweaty, soulful shows, all delivered by a dynamic, unpredictable performer.


Dave Lear is truly an original, with music that hearkens to numerous influences - Van, Bruce, Elvis Costello, even Smokey Robinson - but in performance it all coalesces into something unique and almost uncategorizable, such that when Dave launches into Eric B. and Rakim's "Microphone Fiend" or a solo falsetto rendition of Liz Phair's "Fuck and Run" it makes perfect sense. Simply put, you have to see the guy, and then you'll know you've seen some serious shit.


Buckwheat Zydeco in Prospect Park

Written By: Dave Lear

Buckwheat Zydeco in Prospect Park,

So now the mayor’s in the projects trying to make his one last stand
And the genie’s in the bottle waiting for a helping hand
And the hydrants all ran dry, and little kiddies cry
And the front stoop starts to fry even in the evening time
And everybody has a problem in their heart that they just can’t explain
It’s been a long hot summer and I think we’re all praying for rain

Five bucks’ll get you fifty three-card monte by the 99 cent store
And five bucks’ll get you plenty in there baby and that’s for sure
But even the henchman on the street can’t pay to bribe the heat
In their air-conditioned limos they stare down at their feet
And wonder why all their money isn’t worth a single penny sometimes
And then shrug their shoulders carelessly and pour themselves another glass of wine

In the bandshell Buckwheat Zydeco are pushing their Cajun style
And despite their better inclinations all the passersby stop and stay a while
And when its dark they start to dance, and nobody looks askance
It’s 95 degrees in the nighttime but sometimes you take a chance
Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but put yourself in somebody else’s hands
And when everybody’s hot together well that’s the kind of heat that everyone can stand

Suspicion (Can't Shake It)

Written By: Dave Lear

Suspicion (can’t shake it)

I got the radio on and the news isn’t good
The battles lines have been drawn, the code is misunderstood
And the spy in the house of love is on trial
The reports from the front that he’s filed
Are all mistaken

But then who can you trust in the midst of wartime
Stiletto agents in trenchcoats drink their manhattans dry
And then smile in your face and say the union is fine
I got a sneaking suspicion that it’s all a pack of lies
And I can’t shake it
I can’t shake it (3x)

And the wires are crossed with London they say (OH NO)
Parisians by the legion say (DON’T GO)
And no one hears the voices in the (GHETTO)
And the angels in the silos are draped in mistletoe

For a kiss from the princess of darkness and light
The heart is a lonely huntress at night
And she wants what she wants and she finds what she finds
Ten million angry minds
About to awaken

In a world where the left and the right are the same
And espionage is a precarious game
Played by fops on a board on a schooner in Maine
I got a sneaking suspicion that there’ll be hell to pay
And I can’t shake it

And the wires are crossed with London they say (OH NO)
Parisians by the legion say (DON’T GO)
And no one hears the voices in the (GHETTO)
And the angels in the silos wait like dominoes

For a flick of the fingernail of the angriest sage
Whose boots on the ground are just the phase of a stage
Because somewhere in a dossier the plan’s on the page
I got a sneaking suspicion that a decision’s been made
I got a sneaking suspicion that a decision’s been made
I got a sneaking suspicion that a decision’s been made
And I can’t
And I can’t shake it

Thief of Hearts

Written By: Dave Lear

Thief of hearts

Tell the tale of the thief of hearts
The Pharoah of the bed he’s made
And prisoner of the leisure arts
A victim of the game he plays
With his leering gin and bitter smiles
On chain-smoked summer afternoons
The blue jean bible belt reviles
His iridescent attitudes

Oh the thief of hearts
Is a restless soul
And what love he steals
He cannot hold
And no witches brew
Can turn back time
It marches on
But still he thrives
Unloved (4x)

Raise a glass for the thief of hearts
The daddy mack of all the cards
All the queens they softly sing
And all the jokers call him king
All the teenage bettys swoon
And push their way into his room
For a single poison kiss
That’ll turn them into mist


Say a prayer for the thief of hearts
The city’s last vampire boss
He was last seen in Sunset Park
With a ringer for Diana Ross
He was last seen walking home
Across the Manhattan Bridge
Wrapped in a sable stole
With her blood still on his lips



Mr. Sunshine - 12 song LP - with track 3, "Suspicion (Can't Shake It)", getting airplay on XPN in Philly.

Set List

Dave and band typically do hour-long sets, and sometimes do two in a night. For original material, they do the 10 original tracks from Dave's album Mr. Sunshine, and then five or six of Dave's other unrecorded songs - "Ladies Man," "Movin Along," "Sugar don't melt in your mouth," "Flesh and Bones," "Beautiful Fright" "Superman."

As far as covers go, Dave does a lot, from a broad palette. A sampling:

"Local Girls" - Graham Parker
"Grow Closer Together" - The Impressions
"Shimmy Shimmy Ya" - ODB
"Don't Cry No Tears" - Neil Young
"Think it over" B.B. King
"Any Other Way" - William Bell
"Fuck and Run" - Liz Phair
"The Fever" - Bruce
"Sweet Revenge" - John Prine
"Let Down" - Radiohead
"I'm a Ram" - Al Green