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Dave Magario @ The Golden Eagle

Dayville, Connecticut, USA

Dayville, Connecticut, USA

Dave Magario @ Lucky Dog Music Hall

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Dave Magario @ Hotel Vernon's Ship Room

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



July 2009: Magario is a musician and lyricist. Listen to his music once and be touched for years. His words and melodies tip the cap to the works of Jeff Buckley, where those dwelling in shadows found light ~ and vice-versa. A true Renaissance man, Magario dabbles in writing, sketching and a little bit of everything that’s bliss. But his true love will always be the music.

“I am the youngest of 7 kids,” Magario, 24, says. “Growing up in my family, there was always lots of things going on, lots of people trying different stuff. I’d always try to do something that my siblings were doing but it always came back to music.”

Today, Margario is a far cry from the little kid who wandered around with a Casio Keyboard under his arm, wanting to be like who father who play over 500 songs on the piano from memory. He has since charmed the guitar and the piano. He is working on learning the accordion and according to him, there are always a couple of harmonicas lying around, begging to be played. And of course, he uses his greatest tool ~ his own voice ~ to hypnotize the audiences.

“This Stone” features Magario with guitar and soul bared through revealing vocals. It’s raw. It’s real and it cannot be denied. It might not belong to the “Get Up and Go” mix on your IPOD, but that’s fine with Magario.

“In all my time, my best songs are the ones that are most depressing,” the Webster resident notes the irony. “And people ask for them.”

Magario doesn’t force the muse, he waits for the songs and sounds to reveal themselves. But if he is looking for a little inspiration, he does turn to the music of Jeff Buckley.

“Even if I want to be down for a while his is the first music I go to,” Magario says. “It’s inexplicable how deeply it goes into me. Behind all that sadness, there is a lot of hope and that’s something that people don’t often write about. It’s really easy to write a really sad song about heart break, but it’s more difficult to write a sad song with hope.”

At the end of the day, Magario gives his music up to his fans for them to interpret and use as they will. He has no agenda, just a divine love for what he does.

“I want people to feel what they need to feel in that moment,” he says.

For more info on Dave Magario, visit myspace.com/dmagario. - Pulse Magazine

You’ve got to hand it to Dave Magario, he is one of the hardest working singer/songwriters in the city. He’s been doing a steady every-other Friday series here at the Q, most of it recorded!

Friday the 13th of November he’ll be sharing the stage with the fantastic Matt Fox, and will be flying solo for a post- Thanksgiving show on Friday the 27th.

If you’ve never heard Dave before, come down and check him out!

More about Dave here: http://www.reverbnation.com/davemagario?add_email=true - the q blog


'demo for the solo listener' (EP)
Live at The Q (LP)



When I was a toddler, I was bashing on a tiny octave and a half keyboard. I learned by ear, watching my dad practice for church. Being the son of a preacher man, Christian hymns were a huge part of my musical self-education.

At 13 I started writing for piano, focusing on "composing" instumentals, though I didn't read or write sheet music. But after a year, I started combining my poetry with the music and songs poured out of me. Soon after high school I bought a guitar and started all over again with the learning/writing process.

January 2009 I released my first solo recording, an acoustic 7 track EP, "demo for the solo listener." It served as a classy demo to sell or give away to anyone who showed an interest in what I have to share.

On January 26, 2010 comes my first full length album, which happens to be a live one! What began as a halfhearted test of a digital recorder turned into a fully formed, realized dream. I captured some of the most honest moments I've ever felt on a stage. A snapshot of the many shows at this cafe, "Live at The Q" will certainly stand as a landmark in my journey for a years to come.

I am a strong supporter of the DIY approach to anything involved with my music and my art. From merch to my website, I've made it all from scratch without much scratch to work with! And moving forward into this new year, I've plans for a wild mini-orchestral EP, tons of writing for two separate full length album concepts, and TONS of shows! See you around the bend.