Dave Mathias

Dave Mathias


My musical style is best described as traditional country with a new voice.


Fans describe Dave’s musical style as being heart-felt country, amazingly similar to the deep emotional lyrics sung by country music legend Keith Whitley. He has also been compared to the musical styles of Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and George Strait, but with a new and unique voice. Dave is an experienced singer and songwriter, who continues to perform songs that touch a broad audience by simply conveying the songs as if they were experienced life stories. He just finished recording his latest project with legendary producer Nelson Larkin and CMA Engineer of the year, Ron “Snake” Reynolds, which includes two songs written by himself. While writing music from the heart, lyrics and melodies have become one of his greatest passions. Dave is well known as a thoughtful and emotional personality and continues to be an asset to today’s Country Music Market. Dave has performed for various venues and audiences around the Midwest, including outdoor festivals and competitions. He has been successful in various competitions, including the 2003 and 2004 “Nashville Star” produced by the USA Network. His guitar playing and finger picking style continues to be the heart of his unique style and has even been commented on by major recording artists, such as Steve Holy. Dave continues to be a very “believable” on-stage performer and has the ability to capture the audience’s full attention on every appearance. Some of his favorite venues continue to include performing private acoustic shows for the elderly and children.


Wake Up Sleepy Head

Written By: Dave Mathias; John McCollum

Wake Up Sleepy Head

Last night was the greatest
And lord knows I will not forget it
You’re two lovin’ arms
Had me wrapped up to the limit
Now I’m ready and waitin’ for more
We’re still alone
So what are you waitin’ for

Wake up sleepy head
And hold me tight and close
Your loving arms are what I’m needin’ most
Say those whispered words
That need to be said
Start this day out right
And wake up sleepy head

Here we are the morning after
The sun ain’t up but that don’t matter
‘Cause our book of love
Needs another chapter
I don’t mean to insist
But my heart’s tellin’ me
I have to do this

Repeat Chorus

I’m going out of my mind
Watchin’ you in that old t-shirt of mine

Repeat Chorus


• 2001 - Anywhere
• 2004 - I Found A New Love
• 2009 - The Collection

Set List

• Alan Jackson - Designated Drinker
• Alan Jackson - I’ll Go On Loving You
• Alan Jackson - Midnight in Montgomery
• Alan Jackson - Remember When
• Alan Jackson - Where Were You?
• Allison Krauss - Nothin’ At All
• Anthony Smith - Half A Man
• Blake Shelton - Ol’ Red
• Brooks & Dunn - Red Dirt Road
• Clay Davidson - I Can’t Lie To Me
• Clay Davidson - Sometimes
• Daryl Singletary - I Let Her Lie
• Dave Mathias - Atlanta Upside Down
• Dave Mathias - Conversation With A Soldier
• Dave Mathias - Garden of Stone
• Dave Mathias - Heaven Sent Me You
• Dave Mathias - I Don’t Think You’re Pretty
• Dave Mathias - Life Will Pass You By
• Dave Mathias - Love’s a 50/50 Proposition
• Dave Mathias - Put ‘Em Up
• Dave Mathias - Shoot To Kill
• Dave Mathias - Sweetest Grape On The Vine (+2)
• Dave Mathias - Take My Advice
• Dave Mathias - The Angel On My Shoulder
• Dave Mathias - The Invisible Man
• Dave Mathias - Train Bound For Heaven
• Dave Mathias - Wake Up Sleepy Hea