Dave McCarthy

Dave McCarthy

 Rumson, New Jersey, USA

Acoustic versions of hundreds of songs a 55 year-old American grew up on. I like to think of them as among the best several hundred songs from the last 50 years.


I've been playing out since the early 70's, mostly solo. I pride myself on the gems in my reperoire that aren't often covered. A couple of original songs sneak into the set list occasionally, and I'm actively seeking to place "Travel All Over the World (In the USA)", my favorite.


Travel All Over the World (In the USA)

Written By: Dave McCarthy

We'll travel all over the world (3x)
In the USA

Remember Woody Guthrie sang this land is yours and mine

I don't believe I've seen enough and I do believe it's time

So we've made our travel plans
We plan to visit Uncle Sam

So much to see we're leaving today

And travel all over the world in the USA

'cause they've got Paris down in Texas
Troy and Athens too
In New York you'll find Geneva Babylon and Waterloo

There's London in Ohio
Cairo Illinois
Indiana's got Brazil Peru Holland and Norway too

We'll travel all over the world in the USA

Well there's Florence Arizona
Oxford Alabama
Venice California
Moscow Tennessee

Grenada Mississippi
Cuba is in Missouri
In Iowa there's Lisbon and
Madrid and Tripoli

We'll travel all over the world in the USA

Clean It Up

Written By: Dave McCarthy

the writing on the wall is the oil on the beach
no need to read between the lines
to see surely something strangling us

letter to the senator danger
with a straight face he says it's time to arrange a
committee to study the facts and stop all this fuss

well I'm telling you there's danger now
and it doesn't really matter how
we gotta clean it up...

the men who manage the major money
make sure the joke's on us but this isn't funny
bleeding the planet they'll take it for all that it's worth

terra firma artery harden
with every drop of filth in our garden
we're pouring a poisonous cup in the ear of the Earth

time is running out my friends
we're getting very near the end
we gotta clean it up....

Set List

Allman Brothers
One way Out
Statesboro Blues
Ramblin’ Man
White Rabbit
Somebody to Love
We Gotta Get out of this Place
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
House of the Rising Sun
The Band
The Weight
Long Black Veil
The Night they Drove
Old Dixie Down
The Shape I’m In
Wheel’s on Fire
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Honey Don’t
You Can’t Do That
Come together
I’ll Follow the Sun
Get Back
We Can Work It Out
Run For Your Life
Rocky Raccoon
I’ll Cry Instead
It’s Only Love
In My Life
Love Me Do
Strawberry fields
One after 909
Here Comes the Sun
A day in the Life
I’ll Be Back
Act Naturally
I’m a Loser
I’ve Just Seen a Face
A Little Help From My Friends
No Reply
Norwegian Wood
Things We Said Today
This Boy
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
I Call Your Name

Bee Gees
To Love Somebody
Got to Get a Message to You
Son of a Son of a Sailor
Cheeseburger I