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"Welcome To The Cove"

"Dave McEathron, who rocks the house with original folk/ rock, stories from the Whitny area. I am again astounded at the quality of Music we get to hear here" - Highland Courier

"Great White North"

"Dave McEathron from up in the Great White North took the mic for a fantastic set" - Pollywogg Holler Happenings

"Sheridan College -Review--"

With Passers By
Passers Through, Dave
McEathron proves that
the time of folk music
is not done yet
With the upcoming release of his second CD,
Passers By Passers Through, Canadian-born Dave
McEathron proves you don’t have to look far to
find superior music.-------
Jennie Nickerson,Sheridan - Sheridan

"best of Fringe Awards"

Most outstanding music for a play-2007 Toronto Fringe Festival-Written and performed by :Dave McEathron,Andrew Penner ,Gord Bolin-For the Play "Reesor" - Now Magazine

"Passers by, passers through"

"....I flip through the 14 songs on the album, Passers By, Passers Through. Backed by over a dozen musical guests and mastered at one of the most expensive (and close to the best) studios in the country, this album sounds good – great, even. All the arrangements are complex enough to show his skill and beautiful enough to be worth listening to."
by:Bryan Chateau - www.twowaymonologues.com


."........Amazing....Incredible....Brilliant...Wow Dave that was beautiful......We are definately going to keep your music in rotation"

From live interview and performance on that radio on july 12th 2007 with hosts D'Anise and Hugh Reilly - thatradio.com

"See Reesor At The Fringe"

Toronto Fringe Review: Reesor
by Risa Dickens
20 minutes into Reesor I wanted to stand up and yell THIS IS MY FAVORITE PLAY. heh. seriously. I loved it.

......... Featuring music written/performed by Andrew Penner, Dave McEathron, Gord Bolan.

Which gives you an idea, but does not do this funny, magical, sudden tears play justice. Of course, if you could have said it in words, you’d have written a book instead of making a play, eh?

The main character Anna, is a little girl who gets older writting letters to her sister who isn’t there. She’s funny, and heart wrenchy as a 12 year old girl carrying the weight of being the only woman in Reesor, and stays bafflingly good throughout, keeping her face clear of any of the secrets she knows as writer and actor. She give a performance that’s like a series of clear true notes being played. She is accompanied on stage by 3 other great actors, men who are also musicians and soundscape improvisors throughout the show - Andrew Penner, Gord Bolan and Dave EcEathron. They throw in noises and responses, and play all different kinds of groups of people throughout the story - teenage boys, traders in the town store, the ladies aid society (only they call it Ferein or Verein. Thank you programbook). They play music and characters in a way that has lightness and surprise, and elicits both chuckles and deep true-history empathy.The communication between the group of earthy funny funky men feels lively and almost improvised, though you can tell by is complexity it’s been lovingly directed. This circle of performers do all this acting, but also thump and saw away with effective emotion and music loving talent on the most beautifully odd and lovely innovative instruments I’ve ever seen in a play.

The instruments, once I’d gotten a look at them (luckily sitting in the second row) were what broke the camels back in me of wanting to holla. They were lent to the production by the artist who made them, Iner Souster and it sounds as though he was surprised and happy to be asked, (yes, huzzah, he keeps a blog.) which is a little lesson about ask and you shall receive, eh? They’re so amazing I might have been too intimidated to talk to him. The instruments are assemblages of chicken cookers and training pipes and broken furniture, and they make well tuned songs and happy noises. They have names like Percussive Droid, Sir Michael’s Metal Ukulele, and Sympathetic Slide Chicken Cooker in Open G.

Erin Brandenburg and Lauren Taylor wrote this play based on letters and interviews. Lauren directed and Erin plays the lead. To their great credit it feels like a real ensemble piece - everyone in it and everything about it shines, but most especially the beautiful theatricality or stage craft of it all.

5 stars and highfives from me for Reesor.

See it at the Toronto Fringe!!

- Indyish.com/ressor/review

"Lou's Picks-2007 Albums"

1.Bruce Springsteen-Magic
2.Suzanne Vega-Beauty+Crime
3.Catherine Feeney-Hurricane Glass
4.dave McEathron-Passers By,Passers Through - www.paperbacknovel.com


Dave White & The Stone Farmers
Dave McEathron - Passers By & Passers Through



Maybe music is the reason the Grimm Reaper has passed Dave McEathron by. Maybe he is a fan of original Canadian roots rock and folk. Maybe McEathron’s craft has bought him a free pass so he can continue to challenge, charm and entertain his audiences. The last year has found this Peterborough native sharing the stage with such respected acts as Rick Fines, Kim Beggs, The SunParlour Players, The Shovels and David Celia in support of McEathron’s second solo effort “Passers by, Passers Through” .It was also a year where McEathron branched out to lend his writing talents to the score of the Fringe festival hit play “Reeser”. and to provide a musical background to the works of Brick Books poet David Seymour. His co-writing efforts can be heard on upcoming releases by The Chris Staig Band and TheWarped 45s debut E.P. ”Turners Alley.” currently being recorded at Green Door studios with Juno award winner John Critchley.He is a member of Both the OCFF and SAC