Dave McGilton

Dave McGilton

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I'm a songwriter who believes great melodies and lyrics are vital when creating songs of universal and commercial appeal and I believe I have the songs that can reach and move people as well as be commercially successful. The most important thing is that the songs connect with the listener .


Hi , i've been a songwriter principally as opposed to performer for the last 10 years and have just returned to live performance having spent time concentrating on developing my writing. I've been fortunate to have had songs covered by well known aritsts here in Ireland, Frances Black ,who recorded two songs ,Falling Leaves and Loverstime and Daniel O'Donnell, who has recorded a love song,Somewhere and a gospel song Sweet Victory.Sweet Victory appears on a recent dvd and video release by Daniel entitled Songs of Faith .
My influences are all the great songwriters-Lennon-McCartney, Cole Porter,Leonard Cohen,David Bowie,too many to mention.I write from the heart,it may not set me apart but it's my way of connecting with those good enough to listen.
My secondary genre Electronic music is a new departure for me and it's a very interesting area ,working with loops and samples. I hope to do a lot more of it and an example of what I do in that area is in the Mp3 section.Thanks for taking time to read this whoever you may be and have a listen in the songs area to see if anything grabs you.Take care.Dave.


I have two albums released,September and A Dream of Better Times.I recently released an EP called No More Silence.I also have a number of songs covered by artists Frances Black and Country star Daniel O'Donnell.

Set List

I'm only returning to live performance recently so I just have a 7 song supprt set at present.25 minutes approx.The songs vary but a typical set is No More Silence,Secrets,Ordinary Girl,Falling Leaves,Promise,Gone,Restless in America