Dave Mincy

Dave Mincy


I am a singer/songwriter and feels God's pleasure most when singing and playing for Him with all of my heart.


Have been in church music as a worship leader for a number of years. Currently helping with a wonderful church plant (Community Baptist Church, www.cbministry.net), so limiting my concerts to once a month (if they have to be on a Sunday, that is).


Just released my first vocal CD (go to www.mincymedia.com/wholesale.html to listen to every song in its entirety)

Set List

I am a solo acoustic act, but always include a church or sponsoring group's talent, if possible. Some of my songs have choir back up, for instance, and so I would use the church choir to sing along with me. Also, I use a decent amount of solo strings...violin, cello, etc., so if there is someone fairly capable where I am playing, I will send them the music ahead of time. My concerts range from just providing several specials in the scope of a larger event, to a full 1.5 hour concert. My style is pretty intimate in the sense that I write very transparent, reflective songs that seem to really speak to folks, but I also write and sing a good bit of "powerhouse gospel" type stuff.