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Dave Mooney

Spotswood, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Spotswood, NJ | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Indie


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If Spotswood, NJ musician Dave Mooney were to only be blessed with one thing and one thing only, it would have to be charisma. The one man band just released his debut record Costumes and Crowns this past Friday, and it is rife with everything one would expect out of a well-to-do do-it-all. With the talent of Bryce Avary (The Rocket Summer) and the work ethic of Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.), Mooney mends and bends every instrumental source himself—with help from his friends here and there—to flesh out ten tracks on his self-released debut. Tackling vocals, guitar, bass, piano, drums, and even the banjo can seem daunting to just about anyone, but he manages to pull it all off effortlessly. Be sure to add Dave Mooney to your watch list for singer-songwriters you ought to know. - Mind Equals Blown

"Dave Mooney: Timeless Stories from the Heart"

Singer/songwriter Dave Mooney hails from Spotswood, New Jersey, but has a universal appeal in heartfelt songs that cross genres and appeal to all audiences. His newest album, Costumes and Crowns was released this year and is quickly becoming a staple in the classic stories they tell.

Music is a combination of skill and emotion. Mooney started with private lessons from an instructor who taught him the basics. But the most important lesson was how to feel the music and draw on your inner emotions to create music. He showed Mooney how to play with his fingers, but also how to play from his heart. Mooney would like to learn more about music theory, he says, “When I play, I play a lot from what I’m feeling. I feel like it would be cool to know why things sound the way they do. Why things sound good, as opposed to saying it just sounds like that.” Most of Mooney’s performances are acoustic solo shows, but he does play with a backup band when the show requires a fuller sound. Whether he is solo or part of a band, Mooney finds he is perfectly happy when he is on stage.

Feel something. There is little when it comes to matters of the heart that hurts as much as indifference. Lyrics from the song, “Apathy” say, “I’ll fade to oblivion/to the phantom in your head/you buried me inside of your apathy.” Love and hate are strong emotions, but both validate the existence of another person. However, when someone ignores you, it can feel like you are not even there.

Follow your dream. In high school, Mooney and his friends were a staple at the yearly talent show. And they won every year. But more so than getting top honors, Mooney knew music was his passion. One year, he covered “Let It Be” by the Beatles. The audience reaction was spectacular, as Mooney describes, “Everyone took out their cell phones and waved them, and I (thought) this is what it’s like. This is so cool.” With so many reasons not to pursue a career in music, Mooney stays because it is his dream.

Motion in music. The most compelling feature of Mooney’s music is the movement through each song. In his first full length release, Costumes and Crowns, ten songs seek to remove the barriers and expose the true nature of people behind the mask. Ranging from upbeat to anguish, each song is personal and relates to all audiences. Guest vocalist, Lauren Loesner on “Haunted” adds an element that develops a bluegrass feel and is instantly engaging. Ideas are everywhere and Mooney explains, “I try to gather inspiration from anywhere I can. In a lot of my songs, I look at art and I try to gather lyrics from there.” Similar to how an artist paints a picture with paint, Mooney tries to paint a picture with the words and music he plays.

Up, up, and away. Mooney is beginning a new musical project in December, as well as a new music video for “The Song You Sing” a catchy tune that invites the listener to join in. He is planning a Summer tour for next year, but that is not all. Mooney will continue to write and record new music for the next album and perform at local shows as often as possible. With songs that are timeless, Mooney is a singer/songwriter you will want to keep on your playlist. - Mind Equals Blown


Costumes and Crowns LP - Released October 10, 2015

Common Courtesy - Single - November 19, 2016

Cardinals (feat. Renee Maskin) - Single - March 18, 2017



Dave Mooney is a small-town New Jersey singer/songwriter whose poetic songs are creating sound waves all their own. His Alternative/Indie tones mixed with that Jersey edge are bringing him up right and then some. 
After first hearing AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, Dave fell in love with the guitar and from then allowed his love of music to pour out into other instruments. Dave began playing in bands at 11 years old and began writing his own songs at 13 when he started to study The Beatles (an obsession that continues to this day). His instructor, Chuck, taught him to do all of these things, but more so how to feel music, he learned the importance of being able to present your emotions into a song and not look back. Those lessons had and still have an extremely large impact on the way Dave creates. His poetic songs and honest lyrics are more than enough to be tried and true to what he learned from his mentor. 

Mooney released his solo album, “Costumes and Crowns” in October 2015. His reviews have been more than welcoming to the music scene. 

You can catch Dave doing acoustic shows or electric gigs with his backing band, The Aztec Gypsy, all around the tri-state area.

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