Dave Morehouse

Dave Morehouse


Heartfelt, eclectic music which is rife with imagery that moves the listener emotionally.


Dave Morehouse has been playing
both acoustically and electrically
for the last forty years. Beginning
as a lad on the acoustic guitar he
soon became bored and expanded
his playing to electric guitar and
mandolin. Over the years he fell in
love with every instrument he ever
picked up and was driven to learn
to play (And own!) each of them.
Today he owns and plays a variety
of stringed, bowed, reed, and blown
instruments. Music has been his life,
his drink,his passion, and his mainstay.


I Fell Into Your Eyes

Written By: Dave Morehouse

I look into your eyes
And I fall inside
And wish that I
Could stay forever there.

Much to my surprise
I am welcome here
Your kiss so dear
Makes me realize
Why I fall into your eyes

Then you have to go
I am saddened by
The fact that I
Will be without you here

Then you turn and smile
I am filled with hope
Cuz now I know
You’ll come back in a while
And I’ll fall into your smile

Falling, calling your name

Now I lay me down
Lay me down to sleep
Your love to keep
My heart forever warm

When the morning comes
Then I thank the stars
That who you are
Lifts me to the skies
Since I fell into your eyes.

Love at First Sight

Written By: Dave Morehouse

Love At First Sight
Dave Morehouse c.2006

at first sight.
what a ride
it’s been.
How can I
be in over my head
in such a short time?

on a chair
over there,
I see.
Are you waiting for me
Oh so patiently
To walk over to you?

I don’t know where.
I don’t know how.
I don’t know who you are.
How can I feel so sick inside
At first sight.?

you go
to your car
or a bus.
Are you dreaming of us?
You’re not dreaming of us
At all.


Dave has released or played on Acoustic News!, Fistful-o-Fun, Fourth Street Blue, Mom-Me and Hymn, Celctic Collection, The Stringband Dance Album, and various singles and demos.

Set List

I have moved away from covers in the last few years and now my set list is all original material or covers that I have recorded.