Dave Moretz

Dave Moretz

 Wimberley, Texas, USA

I am a solo acoustic act, and use a loop pedal to add more guitar tracks to the mix and solos. My music is a mixture between folk and jam music so originals can go anywhere!


I started playing cover shows at 16 in local bars around South Jersey. I've recently played alot of shows in Atlantic City and the surrounding area. Now I focus on mainly original material, taking influence from musicians like Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Phish, Keller Williams, Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, ect. Using a loop pedal I can take my original jams to new places...


Recently released a 9 song solo acoustic album entitled "Existence". And I have played local College of NJ radio station, 91.3fm on the program Randy Now, at a live acoustic session.

Set List

I have around 20 original songs and at an original show I usually do 2 one hour sets with 8 to 10 songs per set. At my cover shows I can do upto 6 hrs of performing without repeating a song. I usually do 45 minutes on and 15 off every hour. My repertoire ranges from Bob Dylan and Van Morrison to Dave Matthews and Peal Jam.