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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF | AFM

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Rock





While there’s no shortage of competent indie-rock bands struggling to make their mark on Canada’s remarkable musical landscape, one group that quickly caught (and still holds ..) my attention is Victoria B.C.’s DAVENPORT, the relative brainchild of frontman Peter Day. I discovered them recently by happenstance, on the recommendation of friends I’d been visiting on Vancouver Island, and was immediately struck by the maturity of the songwriting and ingrained richness in style for such a young band. Anyone with an ear for talent can tell you there’s more to excelling as musicians and songwriters than just confidence and technical craft. There’s an intangible feel or innate sense of how to define the music being played, a magical part of the creative process more akin to sonic sculpting that extends beyond a deft ability to deliver notes. It’s an instinct that can’t be taught, and these guys seem to have it in spades. (The band has been recording with Musician and Producer Adam Sutherland of Infiniti Studios).

Peter Day’s voice certainly has a lot to do with the songs’ soulful, exploratory tone and transcendant appeal, harnessing a permeative quality that falls somewhere on the vocal spectrum between a carefree Michael Stipe and a laidback Billie Joe Armstrong … perhaps more accurately, alongside The Verve‘s Richard Ashcroft.

They’ve only released three tracks thus far (most recently the one below), but upon hearing them you’re likely to think this band has been honing their craft over three albums ! My friends on the west coast who turned me on to Davenport summed it up best with the comment, “they’ve got that extra something special”. - Rokline

"Evolution Radio Vancouver"

I got the chance to talk to Victoria locals Davenport who made their way out to Vancouver for their first show on the mainland ever! Was pumped to hear these guys and I hope you are too!

*I have permission from Davenport to use their music in this podcast* - Elias Fox Whitfield


Applying Strategies to Matters of the Heart (2014) - Full Length LP



Based out of Victoria BC, Canada, Davenport began in 2011 as a reimagination of older projects from frontman Peter Day. Joined by his twin brother Patrick, with whom he had grown up making music in their garage on Vancouver Island, they became the first iteration of what would eventually become Davenport. As far back as they could remember they had been playing music together, recording demos and editing them on the davenport sofa in their garage. Their first release under the name Davenport came in the form of the full length LP "Applying Strategies to Matters of the Heart" released in 2013. The album's strong vocal melodies and sustained, ethereal guitar riffs defined their sound as they began playing several venues and festivals around Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Although they were getting a great response from their first LP, in late 2014 Davenport announced that they would be taking a hiatus due to personal issues within the band. It was quickly evident however that music wasn't something they could leave easily. Peter continued creating during this time and within months they knew that they needed to get back at it. Making music was a necessity and the songs never stopped coming. Reforming as a new band with a more refined, upbeat sound in late 2015, Davenport returned to put its stamp on the local Victoria music scene and beyond.

Davenport was joined by fellow musicians from across Canada who shared Peter's vision for Davenport's sound and held similar ideas about music. The current lineup consists of his twin brother Patrick Day on drums, Matt Newton on keys, Alex Marr on bass, Jacob Weil on acoustic guitars and backing vocals and Christian Down on lead guitars. Along with these musicians, came the introduction of driving synths and percussive rhythms that gave the band a renewed sound made for head bobbing and foot tapping. Davenport is currently putting the finishing touches on their second album and is ready to bring their new sound throughout North America in 2018. Davenport is excited to share the sound that began as two twin brothers making music in their garage.

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