We try to bring a new and refreshing twist to today's rock music by adding standout vocals and lyrics to clean, original, unique music. We have left everything behind to do this professionally. We're extremely serious about what we do; We love what we do; And we won't stop until we have to.


Dirk Moore, Kyle Hatcher, Adam Bryant, & John Huffman came together in June of 2004 to create Davenporte with the intent of fusing the collective strengths of its members to attain a greater good—a greater sound. With an abundance of experience in metal, though also with designs on a more organic sound, the band wrote for six months before performing their first show at the Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio. In the 18 months that followed, Davenporte would thrive, performing shows from Ohio to Orlando, Florida. In June 2006 the band began work on their first full-length album. After 9 months of intense production, "Of Appalachia" was completed. The record features their strong individual musicianship and song writing abilities while rising to another level with the synergy the band has developed over the years. Davenporte has taken their destiny in their own hands by choosing to be in charge of everything from booking, selling records independently, merchandising, and down the line. They continue to perform high-energy shows across the country with the goal of gaining the mass appeal for which they are poised and ready. For more info on Davenporte, check out www.myspace.com/davenporte and www.sonicbids.com/davenporte.



Written By: Davenporte

Come and take me away
to a time when I felt
that I could lay my
head down safely
Don't let go
I need to feel you breathe
so I can have a memory
that I can grasp to tightly

I'm leaving on the next
train out of town
Ticket in Hand,
your picture in the other
Decision please don't let me down

If only a rope connected us both
then only we would have control
If fickleness was my
composition's pen
I could write a symphony

My senses are disconnecting
No dial tone no justified use for any further trying
Look away so our eyes
don't spark awkward goodbye's


There's comfort here hidden in this saddened home
A lover's heart is lost after being left alone
Hold my wrist, check my pulse and watch for a signal
There's still life left here inside!



Silent Silent

Written By: Davenporte

Can you hear the sound of
silence getting closer
I hope for the sake of breathing,
you caught your breath this last time
Like air leaving my lungs, I'll use the last words
to tell you how much I truly care

Coma-like reflex when
third party evidence
is brought forth to my un-attention

(Can you hear?) There's new objectives to obtain
Clear you from the answers
(Can you hear?) Take out the knees of whom ever holds you back
Clear from the pain

And you thought you had it right
But you're just innocent aren't you?
Guilty says the gavel
The load you bear is light enough

I feel the air around me, stirring
It motions me to move, it motions me to move
I feel the ground beneath my feet trembling
It motions me to move, it motions me to move


God, it's your eyes
I just can't seem to see past your painted eyes



Written By: Davenporte

Hold on rough seas ahead
The skies are grey, the water's warm
The sun will shine through the clouds, to guide our way right through the storm
If you only knew

Take this water in your hands and wash your tired eyes
It's not a chore to be living your own life

Hold on the rain's to come, to wash away the day
Hold on to the night time, and let us go our way


Let the tide flow, turn my things to ruble
My heart, My home



2004-5 track Massieville demo

2005-3 track Schwab demo
---this demo contains the first recording of "Conversation," which has and can still be heard on 99.7 The Blitz in Columbus, Ohio

2007-"Of Appalachia"-Davenporte's first full length studio album; Recorded/Produced/Engineered by the whole band in their private studio in Waverly, Ohio. As of now track #2, "Hindsight," can be heard on Columbus' 99.7 The Blitz.

Set List

Set list include:
Know the Monarch
Instinct of Minors
Silent Silent
Don't Burn Me

*A typical Davenporte set is 20 min. to 50 min., depending on the allotted time.