Dave Osoff

Dave Osoff


Adventurous, instrumental music bringing together contemporary and acid jazz, funk, pop, R&B and electronica, with intriguing melodies and arrangements and "stunning musicianship."


Dave Osoff's debut cd 'Mosaic' showcases his versatile songwriting and keyboard artistry. Joined by all star players such as Amadee Castenell (recorded/performed with Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Branford Marsalis), and Scott Murawski (performed with Max Creek, Phish), Osoff unleashes a stunning medley of composition ranging from contemporary jazz to funk, with flavors of pop, latin, R&B and electronica.

"A standout for its enthusiasm, variety and invention"- Paul Robicheau, The Boston Globe

A vocal version of the groove catchy 'On Our Way ' from the cd was recently selected by United Airlines for an in flight promotion, and by the New England Sports Network for a recent skiing production. 'On Our Way' and the funky album tracks 'Why Not' and Mosaic' have also received extensive airplay on many stations in the live 365 internet radio network, the Boston area college radio market, and recently in New York City, Canada and Europe.

Dave has been featured in internationally known Keyboard Magazine, was featured in a cover story in Boston's Metronome Magazine in January, 2003, and has also been recently featured in many online music communities, including 'jazzreview.com', Musicidish industry e-journal, and 'thejazznation.com'.

Osoff has performed at over 200 clubs throughout the US, and has played and/or
recorded with many artists, including Jiggle the handle, Max Creek, Rounder recording artist Michelle Wilson and Evil Gal, Tone-Cool/Northern Blues artist
Tony Lynn Washington, dynamic Boston blues/R+B/funk/soul artists, Nicole Nelson and the Vykki Vox Band, innovative songwriters Pat Burtis, Jennifer Matthews and Jordan Carp, and the live trance/electronica of Nikulydin.
From the adventurous, acid-jazz/funk of 'Why Not?’, the blistering techno-rock of ‘QX5’, and the hypnotic grooves of 'Hannah', to the high energy funk and R&B of 'Freedom/Rising', and the musical journeys of ‘Daybreak’ and ‘Undercover’, Dave Osoff's music offers a unique approach - powerful melodies, hooks and inventive arrangements are featured, with plenty of spontaneous improvisation and musical interaction in the recordings and on stage.

This is a group effort; with each player being featured in different settings throughout the set, often sharing melodies, and interweaving with one another.

These are musicians who have been working together for years, and have a unique musical synergy and an intensity of spirit and groove that delivers many rewards and surprises to the listener.

This album and it’s title track, the hard driving funk of ‘Mosaic,’ marks the first collaboration with premier New Orleans tenor saxophonist and flautist, Amadee Castenell, who’s fiery and soulful melodies take the music to even greater heights. Dave and Amadee are now writing and recording music for the next release.

Dave Osoff has performed in numerous festivals and conferences around the US, including SXSW, NEMO (Boston), and Rockrgrl (Seattle, WA) and the Millenium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA, and has shared bills/stages with many national/international acts, including Little Feat, Spindoctors, Widespread Panic, Rusted Root, The Samples, Radiators and many more.

-Over 50,000 hits to website in 2003!
For more info, pics, more streaming real audio and MP3 music, and a full color downloadable press kit in word and PDF format, visit http://daveosoff.com


Dave Osoff - 'Mosaic' (2003)
Vykki Vox Band - 'Can You Feel It' (1999)
Vykki Vox Band - 'Woman's Touch' (1997)

(Dave has been played on the following radio stations):

WERS 88.9 FM, Boston, MA
WMFO 91.5 FM, Medford, MA
WGBH 89.7 FM, Boston, MA
WBRS 100.1 FM, Waltham, MA
WJUL 91.5 FM, Lowell, MA

The Groove Boutique Blend, WQCD - CD101.9 , New York City
This show is also picked up by 70+ affiliate stations around the US.

Radio Holstebro (94.7FM) Denmark
WAVE 94.7 Hamilton, Ontario
Radio Six International (Online) UK
Blaze Radio (Online and FM) University of Alabama
Upbeat and More (Live 365 station Online)
Not TOO Smooth Jazz (Live 365 station Online)
The Upper Room with Joe Kelley (Live 365 station Online)
Attention Span Radio (Live 365 station Online)
IMIX Radio (Live 365 station Online)
SoulsVilleOnline (Live 365 station Online)
DJ confusion MP3PRO (Live 365 station Online)
!A POSITIVE VIBE JAZZ! (Live 365 station Online)
Starwarp Radio (Live 365 station Online)
DJ confusion MP3PRO (Live 365 station Online)
Natural Radio Online (Live 365 station Online)

*Vykki Vox Band albums (Dave Osoff - co writer on most of the tracks) has received extensive airplay on AAA and college stations throughout US and Europe. Visit http://daveosoff.com/AAA.shtml for complete list.

Set List

Set list varies depending on length of show and type of gig/venue. All original sets for showcases, covers included for other shows/venues. Covers range from old to new, instrumental Beatles to soul/jazz/funk to hip hop/electronic - always fresh and seemlessly integrated into the group sound.