Dave Preston

Dave Preston


Dave Preston is Rock and Roll turned elegant.


"Enjoy Your World", both the philosophy and the title of Dave Preston's third full length studio album, captures the world of emotion that exists within Preston's fullest sounding recording to date.
Producing and engineering the album himself, Preston broke his tradition of using recording studios in order to work day and night on the songs and find the core of the material. 'This is the best thing I've done, hands down," says Preston, "I've rediscovered the electric guitar and with it, the reason you write songs. It's that rush you get when you hit that big chord and the walls crash down around you."

Dave Preston began his career as one third of rock band The Echo, playing lead guitar and sharing singing duties. Several years later, he embarked on a solo career, recording his first full length offering entitled "Who I Used To Be", garnering radio play and performances around Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. <

In 2005, Preston released his first all acoustic album "Reality", which included fan favorites in their most stripped down and bare form. Some of these songs are reimagened and in some cases, torn apart and reconstructed on "Enjoy Your World" which took over a year and a half to complete. "When you listen to the record, you are hearing the last year and a half - two years of my life. I've never put so much into an album and I've never gotten so much back. This is the most authentic thing I've ever done."

This new album combined with a new energetic live show, see Dave Preston getting ever closer to his ultimate goal of a no-barriers connection with the audience.


What Was I Thinking? 2003
Who I Used To Be 2004
Reality 2005
Trapt In What's Beginning EP 2007
Enjoy Your World (pending release)
Be (pending release) (Jan. 2008)

Set List

Changes with all the shows

Most set lists are of originals. However, covers include:

Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix)
What I Got (Sublime)
One (U2)
Purple Haze