Dave Pura

Dave Pura


Dave Pura is a talented Songwriter in the genres of Country, Pop, and Rock. He has written for Several artists and bands and receives generous radio play for his hits. Dave has won several sonwriting competitions in North America with his Pop song "Bling Bling".


Dave Pura is an experienced songwriter with a wide catalogue of different genres of music. He writes great songs focusing on Pop, Country, Rock, and Folk.

Dave’s songs are spreading across the world in many markets as we speak. His many songs with the Rock group Wheatmonkeys have received impressive commercial radio play across Canada as well as spots on Television shows and TV commercials.

Dave has won several songwriting competitions across North America. Recently, he won Grand Prize in the “I Write the Songs” competition in Texas. With the same song, “Bling Bling”, he won a finalist prize in the National Songwriting Competition in Canada in which he competed with hundreds of songs. Bling Bling has proved it’s worth with another competition in Nashville, TN, in which Dave received a runner-up prize with Nashville Records.

His Country songs have proved their worth as well. One of Dave’s songs called, “Little Country Rock Show” caught the ear of a producer in Texas who works with the likes of Leanne Rimes and band mates, and has offered to produce a demo, with these artists recording, for Dave’s catalogue.

Dave’s lyrics are proved through his on-going publishings in literature books. He has countless poems in compilation poetry books, and several short stories in compilation books. One of them published as far back as 1993 by Sterling Publishing from New York.

With his ability to consistently write recognizable songs for a diverse audience, and his hard work ethic as a perfectionist, Dave Pura will be maintaining an exciting career as a respected songwriter.



Written By: Dave Pura

You don’t have to be a Goddess
A world leader or a genius
A wild porno star or filthy rich
Just be the only woman I miss.

Even Queen Elizabeth
Doesn’t have your class or elegance
And Jennifer Anniston can’t match you as a guy’s best friend
Although Oprah Winfrey gives good advice it never helps me
And Marilyn Monroe is sexy but she can’t turn me on like you do

You don’t have to be a Goddess
A world leader or a genius
A big movie star or filthy rich
Just be the only woman I miss
If I was stranded on an island
With 50 famous sexy women
I’d take my chances on the open sea
‘Cause you’re the only one for me

We both know I’m no Fabio
Donald Trump or Gandhi
That’s why I’m the luckiest guy
‘Cause a woman as fine as you is so glad to have me.

The way you steal the duvet
Or when you have a bad hair day
The sounds you make when you’re sleeping
The way you look in the morning
Sometimes you’re a little clutzy
But that doesn’t bother me, I think it’s sexy
All the things that you’re embarrassed of are my favorite things about you.