Dave Rave

Dave Rave


Dave Rave is a musician's musician. He's a manic guitarist and singer/songwriter.. He's a valued session player (Daniel Lanois). His music takes him everywhere spreading his brand of rockapunkabilly, pop and killer songs. Think Nick Lowe meets Iggy Pop meets The Stones while listening to Gershwin.


Dave Rave is a musician's musician. To the general public, he's the manic Teenage Head rhythm guitarist who graduated to lead singer and catapulted the band back into the charts; but musicians know him as a valued session player (Daniel Lanois, Andrew Loog Oldham, Alex Chilton, and countless others) who can play the best version of a song he's never heard.

Here is Dave in Paris, 2009.

Dave began his music career in his high school years writing songs and performing driving acoustic rock and folk-pop in and around their native Hamilton. This evolved into the wildly popular, The Shakers, from 1979-1982 with Rick Andrews, Tim Gibbons and Claude DesRoches. They charted many singles with albums produced by Daniel Lanois (U2) and Jack Richardson (Guess Who, Alice Cooper). Their garage rockapunkabilly sound ignited the masses during their reign.

Following the break-up of The Shakers, Dave took over as lead singer of the already popular Teenage Head. Dave replaced Frankie Venom who incidentally had worked with Dave on several other projects including a band named Madonna. Dave Rave continued to take Teenage Head on an upward trajectory with radio friendly hits like "Can't Stop Shakin". Dave left Teenage Head after a successful run to try things out on his own.

Often referred to as a Canadian Nick Lowe, Dave was the first North American artist to sign to Russia's Melodiya record label and recorded Valentino's Pirates in 1989 as The Dave Rave Group. They were originally known as the Dave Rave Conspiracy but this name was changed to appease cold war era Russian sensibilities. Press surrounding this release included a CBC documentary revisiting Russia with the group as well as 3 promotional videos that were in heavy rotation at Much Music in Canada. Some of the players on this album included Gary "Pig" Gold, Coyote Shivers, Jack Pedler and Television's Billy Ficca. Bullseye Records re-issued the album for the first time on CD in 2001 and the positive reviews continue to pour in.

The next Dave Rave Conspiracy album, Three Octave Fantastic Hexagram, included many of the players from the Valentino's album with the addition of former Washington Squares player, Lauren Agnelli. Lauren and Dave formed an incredible creative partnership that resulted in 3 Agnelli & Rave albums over the next ten years including the critically acclaimed Cowboy Flowers Sessions, Heaven and Earth, and Confetti!, not to mention a song writing partnership that flourishes to this day with hundreds of songs to their name.

Media continually notes "his sharp pop intelligence means the songwriting is of high standard." Dave continues to produce incredible music in a wide variety of genres from jazz to folk to rockabilly to punk. But it is Dave's pop sensibilities and his devotion to making music that is honest, intimate and real regardless of whether he touches you with smiles, tears or the occasional urge to pogo in your living room.

The Dave Rave Group's second album, Everyday Magic, was released in 2003 and features players from his former bands such as Teenage Head, The Shakers and bands and musicians whose projects he has worked on in either in a musician’s capacity and/or in production roles such as The Trews, Joe Mannix and Kate Schrock. "Love Fades" and the title track "Everyday Magic" featuring ECMA winners and Juno nominees, The Trews, received airplay at radio in Canada and the US.

Dave spends his time in Canada and the US playing live, producing, writing and coming up with more ideas to bring great musicians together for the purpose of entertaining themselves and the masses. Dave Rave continues to tour internationally with over 100 dates this past year in Canada, The US and Europe. He was recently shortlisted for a Grammy this year.



Written By: David DesRoches & Mark Rogers

I don’t wanna know your game
I don’t wanna face your blame
I recognize it deep inside
That little monster still resides
Suddenly she’s in your room
Cross your path way too soon
Invitation only lies
Turn before your eyes meet mine

Along came Nicki
Tattooed so slicky
She’s born in New Orleans
Tuesday’s Nicki
She’s spins a quicky
Creates a whole new scene
Your crash landing

Debbie was a pretty girl
I thought about her in her world
American dream is what she wants
Frustration is what she got
A family girl for all to see
A lonely girl in reality
Bears her soul to all who hears
Sells her soul to all her fears

Along came Nicki
Tattooed so slicky
She’s born in New Orleans
Tuesday’s Nicki
She’s spins a quicky
Creates a whole new scene
New Orleans

That little monster eats inside
It tells them ways in which to decide
Their will to live a mother’s dream
It’s all it’s ever really been.

Along came Nicki
Tattooed so slicky
She’s born in New Orleans
Tuesday’s Nicki
She’s spins her quicky
Creates a whole new scene
Crash landing

Along came Nicki
Along came Nicki

Rock The Party

Written By: DesRoches/Rogers (SOCAN)


By David DesRoches and Mark Rogers
(Desan Talents Inc. SOCAN/Girth Music & Publishing SOCAN)

Rock, rock, rock the party X4
Rock across the USA
We have come to town to play
No one here can stop our sound
Boundaries can not be found
Crash the party Rock the party
Rock the party Crash the party

Everywhere that people go
You hear this song on the radio
Even on the TV screens
Computer games and magazines
Crash the party Rock the party
Rock the party Crash the party

Chorus: And I feel so good
And I feel so good tonight
And I feel so good and I feel so good

I don’t care. I don’t care.

One and one is two
Two and two is four
We have come to sugar town
To shake your sugar floor.

All across the USA
We have come to town to play
No one here can stop our sound
No one here will put us down.
Crash the party Rock the party
Crash the party Rock the party

Chorus: And I feel so good
And I feel so good tonight
And I feel so good and I feel so good

Crash the party Rock the party
Rock the party Crash the party

Madeleine Says

Written By: DesRoches/Stopa SOCAN


Performed by Dave Rave and Chris Stopa
Written by Dave Rave & Chris Stopa (Desan Talents- SOCAN)

See the way that she moves
See the diamond groove
All the things that she do
To break your heart
It’s what you get.

Madeleine Says. Madeleine Says.
Madeleine says nothing will ever
Bring her down to Earth.

She can read all the signs
Like she reads your mind
When she’s finished with you
She’ll leave you too
It’s what you get.

Madeleine Says. Madeleine Says.
Madeleine says nothing will ever
Bring her down to Earth.

And she’ll show you her feelings
And she’ll feed you a line.
It’s true. She’ll send you a postcard
Once you’ve read between the lines


Madeleine, Madeleine Madeleine says
Madeleine, Madeleine Madeleine says


Dave Rave Discography- Selected Recordings
Dave Rave - Live With What You Know

Dave Rave and Mark McCarron- In The Blue Of My Dreams


Jan 10 Dave Rave Anthology Volume 1 (Bullseye Records of Canada)
Jan 10 Dave Rave Anthology Volume 2 (Bullseye Records of Canada)


Apr 6 Teenage Head: Frantic City re-issue (Unidisc)
Apr 20 Teenage Head: Some Kinda Fun re-issue (Unidisc)
May 5 Joe Mannix: Town By The Sea (Bongobeat)
Aug 16 The Trews: Den Of Thieves (Bumstead/Sony)


Jan 1 LMT Connection: Universal Soul (Impression)
July 2 Dave Rave: Blue Springs Highway from Keepers Of The Scared Fire (Ind.)
Aug 18 Dave Rave & the Wretches: Here Comes The Sun from It Was Forty Years Ago Today (Bullseye Records)
Sept 2 Bill Culp: Roots and Roll (Bullseye Records)
Sept 7 Lauren Agnelli: Love Always Follows Me (Bongobeat)
Oct 16 Dave Rave and The Trews: Everyday Magic radio mix (Bullseye Records)
Dec 16 Michael Mazzarella: The Fellows of Mortimer DVD (Carry On Curtain Up)


Mar 17 Junkhouse: Rounders- Best Of Junkhouse (Sony)
June 12 Dave Rave Group: Everyday Magic (Bullseye)
June 18 Dave Rave Group: Love Fades (Bullseye)
Aug 30 Grand Song Caravan: Promo Sampler (Bullseye)


Apr 5 Various- Dave Rave Group: Driving In The Rain At 3am (Bongobeat)


Feb 5 The Shakers: The Shakers (Bullseye)
Apr 17 Dave Rave and Mark McCarron: Another Side Of Love (Bongobeat)
Apr 21 Ralph: This Is For The Night People (Bongobeat)
July 29 Dave Rave Group: Valentino’s Pirates- Canadian release (Bullseye)
Dec 7 Dave Rave Group: Valentino’s Pirates (To m’ Lou US release)
Dec 11 Dave Rave Xmas Spirits: Xmas Wish List (Bullseye)


May 31 Kate Schrock with Dave Rave: The Only One (DEG)
June 1 Dave Rave and Chris Stopa: It’s Impossible/ Anywhere Out Of The World (DEG)
June 2 The Rectangles: The Rectangles (Warpt)


Apr 12 Lauren Agnelli & Dave Rave: Heaven and Earth (Mystery Tone/RNR/Outside)
May 28 Agnelli & Rave: Postcards From The Outside (Lazy Cat)


Feb 22 Various- Agnelli & Rave: What’s That I Hear? The Songs Of Phil Ochs (Sliced Bread)
June 19 Various- Agnelli & Rave: It’s Only A Dream (Medulla Productions)
Aug 14 Various- Agnelli & Rave: Somewhere Down The Road (Lazy Cat)


Sept 26 Lauren Agnelli & Dave Rave: Confetti! (Mystery Tone/Outside Music/Not Lame)
Sept 27 Ralph: Sophisticated Boom Boom (Bongobeat)


Mar 6 Agnelli & Rave: Live At The Ultrasound, Toronto (Mystery Tone)
June 8 Agnelli & Rave: live! @ sidewalk FORT, nyc Vol. 2? (A & R)
Nov 30 Teenage Head: Teenage Head CD version (Other People’s Music)


June 3 Agnelli & Rave: live! @ sidewalk FORT, nyc (A & R)
Oct 18 Agnelli & Rave: Cowboy Flowers Sessions (Mystery Tone/Outside Music)
Dec 12 The Shakers: The Shakers (Warpt)


May 3 Dave Rave Conspiracy: Three Octave Fantastic Hexagram (Gritty City)
Oct 16 Various- Dave Rave Conspiracy: Rock My Child, Volume 2 (Whitehall)
Nov 14 Agnelli & Rave: blue vinyl 45- Pray For Rain/ I Work Nights/ Gulls Cry (Poteet Music Inc.)


Apr 21 Dave Rave Conspiracy: Weight Of The World (video)
Oct 30 Various- The Shakers: Rock My Child (Whitehall)


Feb 21 Dave Rave Conspiracy: Live At The Corktown (DRC)
Feb 26 Dave Rave Conspiracy: A One Act Play With V-8 Engines (DRC)
Feb 27 Dave Rave Conspiracy: Valentino’s Pirates (Melodiya Records Russian Release)
Apr 29 Dave Rave Conspiracy: Cool Soundzine (Morris Tunes)
Oct 1 Dave Rave Conspiracy: Unnerved (video)


Jan 28 Dave Rave Conspiracy: Valentino’s Pirates (Mole- Canadian Release)
Apr 29 Various- Dave Rave Conspiracy: 1990 Volume 5 Melodiya Sampler (Melodiya)
Aug 25 Dave Rave Conspiracy: When Patty Rocked (video)


Dec 15 Dave Rave: Pure Honey/ She’s On The Telephone (Mole)


Mar 15 Teenage Head: Everybody Needs Somebody (video)
Apr 6 Teenage Head: Everybody Needs Somebody/Little Girl Don’t You Understand (Fringe)


June 17 Teenage Head: Electric Guitar (Fringe)


Mar 12 Teenage Head: Can’t Stop Shakin’ (Fringe)


Jan 10 Teenage Head: Frantic Romantic (video)
Jan 24 Teenage Head: Trouble In The Jungle (Ahed)
Jan 29 Teenage Head: Frantic Romantic/ Get Down (Ahed)
Mar 3 Tom Wilson & The Florida Razors: Half A Rock ‘n Roll Record (Warpt)


May 29 Dave Rave & The Sensations starring Gordie Lewis: Lipstick Lies/Hit Me (Warpt)
June 5 Teenage Head: Frantic Romantic/ I Can’t Pretend (Warpt)


Apr 27 Teenage Head: Endless Party (Ready)
May 31 Teenage Head: Top Down/ Picture My Face (Ready)


May 12 Teenage Head: Tornado- single (MCA)
May 20 Teenage Head: Tornado- EP (MCA)
Aug 19 Teenage Head: Blood Boogie (MCA)
Nov 11 The Shakers: Weekend (Warpt)


Apr 1 Teenage Head: Some Kinda Fun (Attic)
June 8 Teenage Head: Let’s Go To Hawaii (Attic)
June 11 The Shakers: California/Do Anything (Warpt)


Apr 24 The Shakers: Rock and Roll

Set List

A typical set list would consist of a variety of songs from his extensive discography with the odd cover tune thrown in for good measure. The set list is made to measure the event.