Dave Ritz

Dave Ritz


If you like Dave Matthews, Tom Petty and Rob Thomas, you'll dig my music. We are entertainers and we put on a great Live show. We can play solo, duo, trio or full band shows. My music is enjoyed by all ages. Check out www.daveritzmusic.com www.myspace.com/daveritzmusic www.youtube.com/daveritz


Dave Ritz’ musical interests started at an early age. Influenced by his parent's choice of music, particularly his father's, Dave began playing piano in the second grade. “I started to play Billy Joel, Elton John, Sting, and well, anything that was on the radio at the time.” Now, years later, Dave’s current influences consist of Tom Petty, Rob Thomas, the Dave Matthews Band, and many more.

By College he stopped taking piano lessons and bought himself a guitar. Dave Matthews was his biggest inspiration at the time, “I taught myself every Dave Matthews Band song I could.”

During his time in College, he was at a local club and this was the first night he looked upon the other side of a stage. It was as simple as asking the performing act if he could play on their break. After given the opportunity, Dave played three songs and received an eye opening response from the crowd. He was approached by the owner of the club and asked to play his own show that following week. Not anticipating the offer, Dave was to play for three hours and at that time only known ten songs, “I learned fast,” Dave says. It was this experience that launched his musical endeavor.

With his quickly growing audience and strong crowd response, Dave was approached by his parents his junior year with a proposition to drop out of school and pursue his music, “yea, it was their idea,” he says. This led to his band's first tour across the Midwest and East coast. It was then that Dave learned how life on the road works. "I learned how to pack, how to travel, and how to interact with the crowds. It was a great experience,” Dave explains.

After his first tour Dave made the decision to go back to school, “best decision I ever made.” This quality of perserverance has led Dave to his ongoing success. "After College, I got a job, the only good thing about it was working on occasion with my Dad. I enjoyed spending that time with him." Not feeling the gratification he received from playing his music to his fans he decided to leave. He pursued his music, and performed everywhere until he managed to book the show that would change his life.

On the twenty third of December at the House of Blues he was approached by the producer, Tom Porter. “He asked me what I was drinking,” he recalls, "I told him Scotch. Tom’s a big scotch guy, and we hit it off right away.” Since then Dave's musical career has skyrocketed. After a successful tour, a team of the most talented people in the industry have been put together and are making Dave’s music an ongoing success.

“I am looking forward in continuing that road warrior mentality, and will continue to write songs and bring good times and good people into mine and others lives.”


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Set List

Dave Ritz Original Tunes

Throw Me Away
You Said Love
Scars of Money
Once Again
Whiskey & Wine
Jokers Mind
Christmas In Heaven
Back 2 U
This Way
Your World
Losing It All
Lovers Kiss
Wind Me Up
Come To Find
Spend Our Lives
Eddie Casino
All The Time
Daddy’s Girl
On My Way
Never As Good
Paint A Picture #20
Ex-Girlfriend #
Luck of the Irish
Look Around
Wash Me Away
Runaway #21 #11
Last Full Measure
What You Do To Me #3
That’s OK #7
Love Like in the Movies #8
Acoustic #10
Monday #12
Why (All Because of Me) #13 #14
Look Around
Something Grey
What You Do To Me
Bright Eyes
Brown Eyes

Dave Matthews Band
These Are Days 10,000 Maniacs
Brian Wilson Barenaked Ladies
The Old Apartment Barenaked Ladies
Life In A Nutshell Barenaked Ladies
Bittersweet Big Head Todd
Only The Good Die Young Billy Joel
Piano Man B