Dave Rowe Trio

Dave Rowe Trio


Not folk-rock...but folk that ROCKS!!! Three guys from Maine doing the music of Maine--a wee bit Celtic with some Canadian (maritime and Quebecois) influence, a skosh bluegrass, a pile o' folk, all with a rock n roll sensibility, these guys are all of the above and more!


What is the Dave Rowe Trio? It’s an acoustic group from Maine. It is just a little bit folk, just a little bit bluegrass, just a little bit Celtic, just a little bit traditional, and a whole lot of fun. The band is the continuation of a legacy in Maine music which started with Schooner Fare, the band Dave’s late father, Tom Rowe, founded with brothers Steve and Chuck Romanoff. The legacy continued when Dave and dad formed Rowe by Rowe in 1993 and expanded when they added Denny Breau in 1998 to become Turkey Hollow.

With the passing of his dad in January of 2004, Dave felt a need and responsibility to continue to promote and grow the beautiful musical garden which was left to him. He asked two of Maine’s finest musicians, fiddler Edward Howe and bassist Kevin O’Reilly to join him to become the Dave Rowe Trio. They have been tearing it up ever since their debut on St. Patrick’s Day 2004 at the Blaine House at the request of Gov. John Baldacci. They completed a CD of mostly Celtic titles that spring, and released it at events in Sykesville, Maryland and Portland, Maine. In October of 2004 they made their first appearance at the Fryeburg Fair, Maine’s largest agricultural fair, and were so well-liked they were rebooked for 2005 on the spot! The guys recently completed a new CD of maritime music called "Rolling Home" which was released in the summer of 2005. They are currently in the studio completing a new CD of folk, roots, and original music for 2006 for summer release and will be releasing a live CD in early 2007.

Dave Rowe:
Dave Rowe was born in Lewiston, Maine on April 10, 1973. Though he grew up in a very musical environment with two parents who were professional entertainers as well as an uncle and both grandfathers, Dave did not have any musical aspirations as a child. It wasn’t until he was a middle school student that he was persuaded by music teachers who were aware of his heritage to participate in the band (as tuba player) and in chorus. In a short time Dave began taking piano lessons from local legend and Juilliard graduate Vesta Orr, quickly moving from Three Blind Mice to cornerstones of the classical piano repertoire. Dave also studied pipe organ and music theory with Professor Marion Anderson at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Before long Dave realized that he wanted to make music his life’s work and began to broaden his experience from classical training into more diverse pursuits. Dave asked his Dad (the late Tom Rowe of Schooner Fare) for electric bass lessons. He soon began teaching himself to play other instruments including guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Within a year he found himself gainfully employed in the music business as the first bass player for the critically-acclaimed Makem Brothers (the sons of legendary Irish music performer, Tommy Makem).

Upon graduation from Edward Little high School, Dave left the Makems to study at the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut as a music composition major. After a successful semester at Hartt, the call of the road proved too seductive, and Dave left Hartt to tour with rising Maine country music star, Don Campbell, collaborating on Don’s second album, “Higher Ground,” and co-writing some of Don’s signature songs including Love is Blind and Rosalina.

In 1992, while still playing with Don, Dave and his Dad, Tom, formed the group Rowe by Rowe. The duo toured extensively for six years and released one self-titled CD in 1997. After three years with Don, Dave moved on to join forces with the popular award-winning country group, the Silver Dollar Band. He also broadened into performing as a solo artist and started his own Celtic music group, Murphy’s Lawbreakers. Following the demise of the Silver Dollar Band, Dave and Tom chose to expand their duo. In April of 1998 they asked guitarist and singer-songwriter Denny Breau to join them. Together they became Turkey Hollow and released two CD’s, “Turkey Hollow Consort” in 1999 and “Live Turkey” in 2001.

Following the death of his Dad in the winter of 2004, Dave rededicated himself to his music. He formed the Dave Rowe Trio, a high-energy, neo-celtic, newgrass band, bringing in Edward Howe on fiddle and mandolin, and bassist Kevin O’Reilly. He recently released a CD of traditional Celtic and Maritime folk music titled “Big Shoes,” and continues to work on a tribute CD for his dad, as well as a follow-up to his 2002 debut solo album, “By the Way.” When he is not on the road, Dave runs a recording and multimedia studio with his wife and partner, Kimberly.

Dave lives in Raymond, Maine with Kimberly; son Kieran; and daughter McKenzie.

Kevin O'Reilly:
Kevin O'Reilly was born in Chitose, Japan on July 13, 1969, the son of an intelligence officer for the U.S. Army. No one in his family played musical instruments although the family enjoyed music immensely. Kevin first gravitated towards playing music in the sixth grade at the urging of


Springtime Love

Written By: Dave Rowe

She was a real-life doll
She’d make a believer
She’d finally call out your name
After you’d gone.

She knew the calling birds
The name of every flower
It was no act of deception
She knew your song.

Just a spring time love
She knew your direction
A smile on her face
Would melt the sun;
And in her fall from grace
She’d find your forgiveness
And as your words would come to mind
She was gone

Beneath a fading light
Beneath every color
Broken and alone
Up against the wall.

Like an old soft song
Sung by a lover
Hearts are always broken
By a real-life doll.

The Signs

Written By: Dave Rowe

There's a calm that comes with evening and a song that fills the air
As the summer birds are leaving and the trees are going bare
All the words that are deceiving and the dreams that fly by night
Like two lovers sharing gold rings, come together when it's right.

And the signs are passing right before our eyes
And the winds are changing with the evening skies.

On the silver, frosty ceiling as the lights begin to die
Comes along a wintery warning, silver flakes begin to fly
Just a day in late November, like the year and years before
Been so long I can't remember, can't remember what it's for.

Chasing shadows in the street lamps, running races in the dark
Dark-eyed faces meet in silence, words unspoken chill the heart
Finding secrets in the sunrise, ever-knowing, never fear
Open spaces open wide eyes every minute every year.

But the signs are passing right before our eyes
And we're always running till we say goodbye.

The Good Life

Written By: Dave Rowe

There are mansions on the mountain
There are sky-high penthouse suites
There are castles of tar paper
That’s the place you’ll likely find me

Born with dollar signs in my eyes
But to me a cruel surprise

Those riches I cannot afford
They got me feeling oh so blue
Ain’t got no Lexus, just this old Ford
But I want’a taste the good life too.

Call the preacher, he’s got connections
Ask if casinos are for me
I want the stuff that makes me taller
I want a high rise named for me

Throwing money down the drain
Cause when it pours, you know it rains

But when the phone rings, I don’t answer
It’s the man come after me
Give me some credit, I’m not freeloading
They never hand out stuff for free


1996: Tom and Dave Rowe: Rowe by Rowe
2002: Dave Rowe: By the Way
2004: Dave Rowe (Trio): Big Shoes
2005: Dave Rowe Trio: Rolling Home
2006: Dave Rowe Trio: The Good Life
2006: Dave Rowe Trio with Denny Breau and Phil House: A Holiday Concert
2007: Dave Rowe Trio: Three's a Charm

Set List

Dave Rowe Trio does two 40-50 minute sets composed of Dave Rowe original songs, traditional songs, and carefully selected covers by other artists including Stan Rogers, Schooner Fare, B.T.O., and Tommy Makem.

School programs:

Student Producer Program

A multi-discipline introduction to the music business wherein students are in charge of all aspects of producing a Dave Rowe Trio concert including scheduling, promotions and marketing, hospitality, and financial considerations. This hands-on program involves a one-day in-school meet-the-artist session during which methods and direction are discussed. End net proceeds from the show after expenses and performer fees would go to the designated student benefit fund or student group. Involved disciplines could include (but are not limited to):

• Fine Arts (visual): creation of posters/advertising
• Fine Arts (music/audio productions): creation of radio spots or PSA spots
• Fine Arts (music): a school music group for opening act