Dave Rudolf

Dave Rudolf

 Park Forest, Illinois, USA

Adult show features humor and well crafted original tunes---Dave's kid show features backdrops, props, sound effects, humor, and award winning original tunes as well as specialty shows such As Beach Party and Cracked Christmas... Specialty kid shows include Beach Party, Halloween, Christmas


Dave Rudolf..... A Gold Record Winner, Grammy nominated for his work with Disney, 3 time Parents Choice, 2 time Parents guide, 4 time Children Web Award winner---15 time nominee for NACA College Entertainer of the year awards---Benjamin Franklin award winner for his book "Please Dave Rudolf What have You Done Lately Bio-

--A 3 time Parent’s Choice award winner, a 2 time Parents Guide award winner, a 4 time Childrens Entertainment Award nominee
-- Was Captain Kangeroo in the TV pilot of Saban’s All New Captain Kangeroo--
Second City’s Children production “A Tale For two
Kiddies” Was based on and featured Dave’s kid music
-- Gold Record and Grammy nomination for work with Disney
-- Written songs for Disney including their new Winnie the Pooh album
-- Appeared on national TV on Bozo’s Circus
--Narrated and wrote tunes for the new CD-ROM “Theo the Dinosaur
-Performed at over 2,000 college ant theater dates
--15 nominations for NACA College Entertainer of the year awards
--Featured on DR. Demento's radio show
--has opened for Cheech and Chong, the Beach Boys, Tim McGraw, Kentucky Headhunters, Sha Na Na, The Gatlin Brothers, Leo Kottke, the Smothers Brothers, and many others
--has released 15 adult albums and 10 children albums
-- Appeared on HBO Comedy shorts and numerous cable shows
--recently completed a children's TV pilot entitled "Fun Island"
--His first children's book - "Please don't Tease the Dragon" was a benjamin Franklin “Humor” finalist
--Written much of the music for the "Spencer's Magic Show", and has written several soundtracks for TV pilots and industrial films
--Headlined at comedy clubs, Summerfest, Taste of Chicago, and hundreds of concert venues throughout the country


Dave Rudolf Discography

1.Tunesmythe- 1973 ---Moneytree Records
2. Folks---- 1975 ---Moneytree Records
3. Where Do Legends Go? ---1979--Armada Records
4. The Preppie Album---1982
5. Danger Zone- 1984-- Moneytree Records
6. Live at Someplace Else- 1985 - - Moneytree Records
7. Semi Live ---1986 --Moneytree Records
8. The Explorer Train (Kids) - 1987 --Moneytree Records
9. Kids Don't Listen to This (Kids) -1990--Moneytree Records
10. Oh No, Not Dave Again (Kids)-- 1993 ---Moneytree Records
11. All Over the Place ----1994---Moneytree Records
12. In Big Trouble----(Kids) --1995--Moneytree Records
13. Mother goosed Queen of Hearts Club Band (Kids)---1996--Tanglewood Records
14. Stupendously Silly Skits, Songs, and Stories (1998)---Moneytree Records
15. Completely Cracked Christmas--2000---Moneytree Records
16. We Are One World (Kids)---2001 ----Moneytree Records
17. Halloween Spooktacular(Family)---2001 ---Moneytree Records
18. Throwback (Double CD) -- 2002---Moneytree Records
19. Not So Grim Fairy Tales (Kids) --2003-Moneytree Records
20. Vintage Dave (1979-1985) ---2003--- Moneytree Records
21. Westward Whoa (Kids)--2005---Moneytree Records
22. Soft In the Head (Adult) --2005---Moneytree Records
23. Beach Party-(adult)---2006---Moneytree Records
24. Bubba Christmas-(Adult)--2007---Moneytree Records
25. Bride Of Halloween Spooktacular---(Family)---2008---Moneytree Records
26. Son of a Beach Party---(adult)---2009---Moneytree Records
27. Invisible Girl---(Adult)---2010--Moneytree Records

Set List

The great thing about Dave is he has no set list... Seriously..
This drives his band mates loco, but creates a spontaneous, fun show---If Dave needs to do more comedy oriented songs, he'll do it, if the audience wants more sensitive singer/ songwriter tunes, Dave can do that too..
His kid shows? Well let's just say that they are total interactive fun--Music, humor, hula hoops, jump ropes, limbo sticks, bubble machines, and did I mention fun?
So you can't count on what Dave sings, but you can count on having a blast....Available as solo, duo (preferred), trio, or whole band (4 additional players)