Daves Not Here

Daves Not Here


Imagine Van Halen the Chili Peppers mixed with a bit of Primus bass and some Nelly-Like rhymes and you got Daves Not Here. They mix hard rock, funk, reggae, hip-hop, and a touch of blues into a sound that will get head bangin and your booty shakin. They are the best and once you see you will agree.


Hold on tight cause you are about to hear the best fucking band in America!
The quote from SPIN says it all \"Meet Your New Rock Gods\"
Great songs, great players and an endless party await. Indie Puss Boy Rockers, your days are numbered. The Ultimate Album -- their latest release, will lay waste to all that is lame and fuel the party late into the night. Catch them before they go on tour into neighboring galaxies and beyond. WE LIKES TO PARTY!
OFFICIAL WEBSITE www.davesnothere.biz
..The Rest of the story
Daves Not Here exploded on to the Austin music scene in March of 2005 with one goal, to create kick ass music that is unable to be pigeon holed into a one-word genre. They mix a variety of styles: rock, heavy metal, funk, reggae, and hip-hop mixing and matching as they see fit. This talented lineup is anchored by the funky slappings and band vision of Rob Dew and the psychotic energy of front man and lyricist Patrick Dew. Troy Rios, a seasoned drummer from the Houston and Austin scenes holds down the rhythm section. And the final musical ingredient to this talented stew is the mind bending guitar work of phenom Adam Shredder Shedd. In June they released a 6 song demo that included the day time theme song for 103.7 Houston DJ, Wendy Miller. They spent the remainder of 2005 writing material, gigging around Texas, and finishing work on their debut CD, The Ultimate Album. Recorded at A-valve Studios in Austin with engineer Rob Hinton (Michael Jackson, Korn), this CD is sure to make waves for its unique sound, top notch production value and polished talent. The Ultimate Album was released in January 2006. FOR BOOKING CONTACT Rob Dew:512-825-7826 funkyboypd@hotmail.com -- or send an email here -- YO! Daves Not Here is currently recording at A-valve Studios www.a-valve.com (512) 447-2600.




Written for 103.7 DJ Wendy Miller at her request after she saw us perform in Forgettabouttit in Houston Texas. One month later we presented her with this..
We are recording a full length version for our album.

Queen of the Midday World

At your second cup of coffee surprise
Waiting for your midday Morning Mind Expercise
You know that Ozzy’s the Man and Bob Seager is the crap
And all of I-10 is a speed trap

You know
Houston is rocked by one sexy jock
You’ve entered the realm of Wendy Miller
Queen of the Midday World



There you are in the street in the dark

There you are in the street
In the dark
Not aware of what’s around you

You don’t know
But I’m there, watching you
Not aware of what’s around you

If you want to see
What I only see

Hey you give me some of that there
Hey you Give me some of that there
Monkey Love

At your home, from your walk
Your alone not aware, someone’s around you
You don’t know, but I’m there, watching you
Not aware, someone’s around you
There you are
in the house
TV’s on
To myself, “We’ll be together”
Always there, watching you, from the brush
Well be together

If you want to see
What I only see

Hey you give me some of that there
Hey you Give me some of that there
Monkey Love

1 cup of flour
1 cup of shower
Add your eggs and cream
And beat that batter

Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Children of all ages
There’s a madman on the loose and the warning in three stages,
Lock your doors, bar your windows If he’s in your closet have no fear well bomb it

There I am, in the brush
Watching you, in the night
I’ve got my handle out
Coming up, to your house
There you are, In your room.
I got my handle out

Up the stairs, in your room
There you are, beautiful
Well be together

Never will, let you go
Beautiful, yes you are
Well be together

If you want to see
What I only see

Hey you give me some of that there
Hey you C’mon give me some of that
Monkey Love X2


Mini Releases /Demos:
2005 – New Tunes New Tude
Full Length CD’s:
2006 - The Ultimate Album
Music Videos:
2004 - We Likes To Party
2004 - Ghostcrab Reggae
(Nominee for AMN’s Best Animated Video of the Year)
Live Videos:
2004 – It Walks It Talks It Pisses on Yer Carpet
(4th place in Austin Chronicle Readers Poll “Best DVD”)

Set List

We like to play 1hr15min In yur face balls to the wall sets. We'd really to open for National Touring Acts. But we can play anything -- If we play more than that we will add covers (Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, The Doors etc) but we primarily play originals.