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Dave's Pawn Shop

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF
Band Alternative Punk




"DPS at Griffith University"

What I love about DPS's performance, and the thing that most of the audience agreed with afterwards was the intense energy that was brought to the stage. In a show of both musicality and showmanship their performance was flawless. The heavy grunge/alternative style with some fast angry punk songs shows a huge musical diversity in this band.

The “Intro” song that opened the set was an electrifying way of kicking up the energy from the word go; as soon as those drums entered, it was on. Because of the genre of music and the demographic DPS aims to appeal to, their show has a well thought out set list with certain songs that give the audience a break from the is a little bit inconsistent with punk/alternative rock.At this point in the band's career, this was an excellent performance, at the time only being together for 5 months. This was such a great crowd of friends and fans gave one of the coolest vibes, and I was happy to be a part of it. - Dangles

"Timeoff Magazine Review"

Answered collectively by Dave's Pawn Shop, that is:

Jake Roderique (Vocalist and Guitarist), Dale Prinsse (Bass Gutiar), James Dimick (Drums)

What's the secret to tipping your cap without mimicking the greats?
We allow each of our individual influences and the way we think as musicians, to come out in the jam room; the place where the "magic" happens. Through this we create our own sound which is reflective of our everyday lives; often the darker side. This is where punk, grunge and hard rock come together with an array of other influences to create the Dave's Pawn Shop sound, a sound that is in our opinion all over the place as far as genre is concerned. Therefore we don't write to a specific genre we just play what we feel at that point in time in the jam room. 

Is it inspiring to be part of this group of young and hungry bands currently emerging?
The major labels at this time are not supporting unique music, pop is the mainstream music at the moment. It's inspiring to be part of an underground culture that has emerging unique music. Underground artists are forced to take their careers into their own hands, independent artists, you really strive to make a name for yourself because we rely on ourselves. In this underground culture, it's our opinion that bands of a similar ethics, or attitude need to support each other and show the "sheeple" of this world that there is something different than pop, something real and something that reflects the crisis and harsh reality of this world. We love it.
Where are you guys at release wise currently, what music have you been working on and what have been the popular sounds resulting from your recent jam sessions?
In this point in time we are finishing our EP, getting a great sounding product and plan to have it released sometime mid this year. We've tracked an album worth of songs with the best to be featured on the EP. We have also been jamming A LOT, exploring in more depth what makes us tick and even  experimenting with psychedelic influenced sounds over the top of our usual angry and emotional music. The sounds are scattered and each song is unlike the last so we aren't getting bored. 
And what else is lined up for 2012? What are your goals for this year?
We're organising a bunch of tours for this year. We've got an East Coast tour starting mid April from Sunshine Coast down to Melbourne. We're planning the release of our EP, with free downloads for everyone. We'll get CD's printed for the people who dig everything we're about. We're planning on sending out our EP to show record labels what we do, or anyone who can offer us something we like. - Ben Doyle

"The Full Musician - Talent Tuesday"

Dave’s Pawn Shop – The Lowdown

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Dave’s Pawn Shop, a 3-piece alternative band from the Gold Coast, Australia. The new bass player of Dave’s Pawn Shop happens to be my band’s previous guitarist, Jon. (But I’m not posting about them because I semi-know them, it’s because they’re genuinely awesome!)

I saw Dave’s Pawn Shop play a gig a few weeks ago, and was really impressed. Even though it was a crappy evening (raining and freezing) and there wasn’t the best energy in the venue, these guys played an amazing show. They are really riveting live, and have an effortless stage charisma that doesn’t come across calculated or put-on. They’re a band who are really ‘themselves’ and aren’t playing at being rock stars.

The name ‘Dave’s Pawn Shop’ comes from the pawn store featured on a hilarious New Zealand TV show called ‘Flight of the Conchords’. (Such a funny show, see clip below). “You know you’re not in high finance, considering second hand underpants.”

History so far

Dave’s Pawn Shop are a pretty young band, both in members’ ages and band history. They began just last year, with singer/guitarist Jake and drummer James putting things together. The two met at Uni (studying music production at the Gold Coast conservatorium), and began jamming. The first incarnation of DPS saw them as a 4-piece, but they eventually dwindled to the 3-piece they are now, with Jon as a new addition on bass. They have a really large sound for such a small band, though. And I like the fact that a 3-piece can allow some moments of sparseness between the really loud, full parts of their songs.

I think this band has a lot of potential in their playing, performance and songwriting. Hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more of them in future.

What’s Next?

Dave’s Pawn Shop have recorded an EP, and are at releasing it in the next couple of months. If you live near the Gold Coast or Brisbane, make sure you see them live – they put on a wicked show! - Bec Wolfers

"Rave Magazine Review"


If you haven't heard Dave's Pawn Shop yet you're seriously missing something in your life...
With a following building with phenomenal momentum from Brisbane to the Gold coast, and a volley of shows over the last few months, the Pawn Shop boys, although only together for a year, are bringing a new sound to lead Brisbane's underground scene and to take us spiraling through the new decade.
Recently supporting Gold Coast rockers Valley Floor, and being featured in Time Off magazines' February issue the lads are headlining gigs up and down the coast.
Often described by crowds as: "A mash of impassioned punk/ grunge inspired stage antics and the polarizing textures and structures of Psychadelic rock" their new EP being recorded at Loose Stones studio's will be testament of this and maybe a little bit more...
"If you like The Mars Volta or Nirvana you'll love Dave's Pawn Shop"

Dave's Pawn Shop will be headlining RICS BAR, Brisbane this Thursday; the 22nd of March with friends Purple Toes.

If you miss this show you'd better hope to find yourself at another one of their shows as they descend into your city, town, backyard or kitchen during their coastal tour set for later this year.

http://www.triplejunearthed.com/Artists/View.aspx?artistid=49978 - Rave Magazine


- Singles -
Brother of Mine

- EPs -
I'm A Horse EP (October 15th)



"If you haven't heard Dave's Pawn Shop yet, you're seriously missing something in your life..." - Rave Magazine

Jake, James and Jon are the guys behind the instruments, but don't let the idea of a trio fool you. Their 3-piece setup belies their magnetic stage presence and seriously large sound. Counting Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, At the drive in, QOTSA, Nirvana, Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and The White Stripes amongst influences, Dave's Pawn Shop have created a powerful and dangerous musical brew you'll be dying to drink.

The lads of DPS hit Brisbane's underground music scene in 2011, and have since built up a loyal following. Their live shows crackle with the passion, freedom and unrestricted expression every great band needs.

Having been featured in Time Off and Rave Magazine, Dave's Pawn Shop are already attracting a cult hype from their electric live shows. More buzz is set to come with the upcoming release of their debut EP "I'm A Horse" set to be released on monday 15th of october