Dave Steffen Band

Dave Steffen Band

 Plymouth, Wisconsin, USA

The DSB puts on an excellent show. The Dave Steffen Band’s music is packed with soaring electric guitar, heavy rock shuffles, and blues tunes that get down into your soul. Their songs contain it all; Dave’s signature slide guitar and rockin’ old blues, great melodies, soul and lyrics.


Anyone who has heard the Dave Steffen Band play live understands that their music is more than just notes. With eleven albums and literally thousands of live appearances under his belt, Dave Steffen has made his music a way of life. Since Dave received his first recording contract at the tender age of fifteen, he has devoted his life to playing, recording and living his music.

A Wisconsin native, Dave moved to San Francisco in 1986 and was fully involved with the incredible sounds of the music scene there. It was in San Francisco Bay Area that Dave played with and opened for top acts and many great musicians, i.e., Robin Trower, Davey Pattison, Ronnie Montrose, and members of Journey to name a few; throughout his career. It was during his stay in San Francisco in spring 1993, when he was tapped for an opening slot for a tour with Robin Trower.

In 1995, Dave returned to his native Wisconsin, where he first earned his reputation as a top-flight axe man. The trio, simply called the Dave Steffen Band, packs a live punch which gets the crowd on its feet every time.

In past years the Dave Steffen Bands' recordings have been played on an HBO movie and over 30 times on The Young and Restless soap opera, which has been aired in Norway, Canada, France and Germany and Italy. This also included two guest appearances on The Young and Restless show. As well as songs being aired on many radio stations abroad.

The Dave Steffen Band has been through many changes throughout the years and as always DSB puts on an excellent show. Master guitar work. Blues rock acoustic, blazing lead riffs and soulful licks, great song writing and excellent harmonies make up the Dave Steffen Band.


Dave Steffen Band Volumes I, Basement Studios (1981)
Dave Steffen Band Volume II, Basement Studios(1983)
"Give Me A Thrill", Hyde Studios (1993)
"Flying Potion", Rock Garden Studios (1997)
"Half a Million Miles", Rock Garden Studios (2000)
"Eve of Autumn", Rock Garden Studios (2004)
"Find A Groove", Rock Garden Studios (2008)

HBO Movie, "The Night I Found Paradise" on movie "Laurel Avenue"
CBS "The Young and Restless" (2000-2002) band played themselves; songs used for various scenes, "Tell Me", "Falling For You", "You're the Star", "Give Me A Thrill", "So Long Sweet Angel", "Down the Road" and "Hot Mover".

Osnabruecker Radio, Germany “Eve of Autumn” and “Workin Man’s Blues”
BluesTimen, Kristiansand, Norway “Workin Man’s Blues”
Le Blues Vous Va Si Bien Kaolin Fm, France “Find A Groove” and “Rock River”

Set List

We do two 75 minutes sets or one 90 minute set depending on the venues needs. We do mostly originals. We play whatever it takes to move the fans