Dave Sugarbeet

Dave Sugarbeet


Blues standards & originals provide the platform for improvisation and stretching the feel. "Groove" is the most important ingredient in creating our sound -when an interesting idea pops up we'll follow it to see where it goes!


I was classically trained but discovered The Blues and the freedom it allows for creativity through hearing Don "Sugarcane" Harris playing the electric violin on Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" album. I bought everything I could find by him, learned his licks and over a period of time invented lots of my own and found out how to incorporate them into my own style.


"Meet The Beet" CD, released 2007 on my own MTB label.
My songs "Baffled By The Blues" and "Give Me Strength (O Lord to Be Strong)"played on Radio 2, Wednesday's Even Worse on Phonic FM, Croatia's Radio Krizevci, Youtube (live videos) and several US internet blues stations.

Set List

3/4 of my own songs from the album and covers of "Superstition" "Going Down" "Spoonful" to name but a few of an ever revolving repertoire.