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Dave Taylor


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Get to Know You Time

Written By: Dave Taylor

Chorus: It’s time to get to know you
It’s time for get to know you time

What’s your favorite color? Are you close to your mother? Like to dance? Ever worn elastic pants?

Have any pets? Ever lost any bets? What’s your sign? You like poetry that rhymes?

You like scary movies? Or orange smoothies? Ever broken any bones? Do you like maple scones?

Do you like elevators? Scared of alligators? Lost your cool? Ever worn socks in a pool?


What’s your favorite snack? Ever raced in a sack? You like knock-knock jokes? Parents let you drink Coke?

Ride a mule? Had a light saber duel? Been on a scooter? Known someone named Scooter?

Fries or tater tots? Do you care for robots? Would you ever like a pup? How late have you stayed up?

Do you like pop-up books? Songs with catchy hooks? How bout candy bars? Would you like to visit Mars?

Have you ever thought a mannequin was real?
Have you ever slipped on a banana peel?
Have you ever eaten a whole cake for a meal?
Have you ever encountered a talking seal?