Dave The Horn Guy

Dave The Horn Guy


It’s pretty crazy…NBA, NHL, MiLB, college sports/events, corp conferences, concerts, The Tonight Show w/JAY LENO, & Semi-finalist on this summer’s America’s Got Talent, NBC. 25 tuned bulb horn attached to arm pits, leg pits, neck pit, knee pits, shins, chest, etc. Extreme hype for any crowd!


Perfect for your MAINSTAGE act or your EMCEE host...

Dave the Horn Guy is Dave Enns, a musician's musican and a guy with a lot of horns.

You may have seen him this summer as a Semi-Finalist on America's Got Talent, NBC. If not there, maybe as a regular event performer at many NBA, NHL, MiLB, college sports/events, corporate conferences, youth rallies, festivals....or on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Enns holds multiple music degrees. At 32, his full time musical efforts have found him to be a Billboard recognized songwriter, a studio musician, an orchestrater of over 200 songs, a regular giggin’ trombone/piano player, singer, and a founder/producer of an award-winning urban acappella group. He’s combined these experiences with 25 chromatically tuned bulb-horns, custom made from a top-of-the-line German horn maker, to create “Dave the Horn Guy.”

2 honks on how it all began...

Only 1.5 years ago, dave put this together for the first time. Jingle bells for a church Christmas show. It was a trip to walmart to buy 10 bike horns, and then over to home depot to cut them in half and add some tube length. Those horns launched the fun "...and it just took off from there!", says Dave.

Show elements to include:

- “Patriotic Dave the Horn Guy” sports a co2 charged backpack equipped with five confetti launching cannons firing streamers 40, 50, 60 feet in the air.
- As “Emcee Dave the Horn Guy”, he’ll take you through the familiar tunes of the club, mixing it up on his imaginary turntables.
- Dave the Horn Guy on his electronic Loopstation will erase what’s thought of as a one-man-band and redefine it with jaws on the floor. Watch him “think out of the box”.
- Dave combines his vocal impersonation skills with a vocal FX processor to achieve a jukebox journey through hilarious renditions of artists and caricatures.
- HONK WITH THE HORNGUY - ask Dave to bring his extra horns so that unknowing audience members can come on stage to create an instant hornguy symphony!"
- and more!

An overthe top idea for your event....Dave can bring hundreds/thousands of horns to (hide under each chair...shhh) put your school logo on and have a massive experience where everyone honks with the hornguy. Your audience will never forget it. It's also an awesome marketing experience for your school.

This act is a MAINSTAGE piece or if split up, it is an ECMEE role. Dave's dynamic personality is sure to hype up your crowd.



Set List

Set List:
"Crowd hype" stuff....popular hits from classics to Jazz, R&B to hip-hop, classics to themes...he even handles the audience requests!

Set List Length: 30min as high energy, uninterrupted. or split up into 4-6 min bits to be used as "emcee" entertainment throughout an event.