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"Local country artist celebrating second album"

9 May 2012

From page A1 LEWISPORTE – On May 10 local musician Dave Thomson, originally from Ontario, is celebrating the creation of his second, self-written country album with an all ages album release concert.
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Dave Thomson welcomes everyone to come out for his CD release event at the Terry Fox Room of the Brittany Inns on the evening on May 10.
Music has been a prominent part of Mr. Thomson’s life from a very young age. After receiving a guitar on his 13th birthday, he immediately began playing and creating music and has not stopped since.
“I’ve always been drawn to the creative part of music, creating my own and writing,” said Mr. Thomson.
He took every opportunity he was given to play music growing up which included performing in church services and other local events. Mr. Thomson felt that each performance was a great learning experience and a great way of meeting other musicians. He took a particular interest in country music at the beginning of his musical journey, and his love for that genre has continued to grow over the years.
“I got into country music just as I was starting to play guitar,” said Mr. Thomson. “Garth Brooks was big at the time, so that was a huge influence; just his live performance and his charisma. As well as, Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn.”
In 2008, Mr. Thomson’s life-long dream of recording an album finally came true. Now, just four years later, he is releasing his second album entitled A Long Road Home which was recorded in Lewisporte at Citadel House and produced by Dean Stairs. Each of the 10 tracks were written by Thomson during the past fall and winter with the exception of a few songs which he had written previously.
“To get to that place where you see something that you sat on your couch and you had this idea and it kind of goes on paper, then all of a sudden it’s here —that’s the fun part for me,” said Mr. Thomson.
Mr. Thomson was accompanied by the band he normally played live with, on his first album. However, on his new album, he had the opportunity to work with musicians from across North America, including some East Coast Music Award recipients.
“I’ve gotten to work with musicians from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and even New York City,” he said. “It’s great to see me growing and being able to work with some different people. That’s what makes this project unique to me, is that I’ve got to work with some people all around North America.”
The majority of Mr. Thomson’s songs are inspired by his own personal life experiences.
“Whether it’s an upbeat song, fast song, or slow song, or quiet song, if you listen to the lyrics, it’s usually something from life’s experiences; especially my family,” he said. “A lot of it is my kids, a lot of it is looking back. And, on this album in particular, home is a big theme. There’s four tracks on the CD that talk about home, all from different perspectives. “
While Mr. Thomson tends to focus on country music, he is also partial to gospel music, and as a result, has included a gospel inspired song on both of his albums.
“I was raised in the church back home, and grew up through the youth group,” he said. “Now, I always try to deliberately write an original gospel song and I put it at the end of the album to tie in that at the end of the day, this is still who I am.”
The gospel song on his new album his called “Finally Home” which happens to tie in perfectly with the album theme, home.
“I’m still developing, that’s the beauty of it. You’re learning all the time,” said Mr. Thomson. “I’ve learned and grown so much vocally.
“Over this project, I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to control my voice, which had been a huge benefit to the presentation. I’m learning all the time, you never stop learning and developing your art.”
Thomson is currently preparing for a very busy summer, where he plans to promote his new album. To begin, he is holding a CD release event on the evening of May 10 at Brit - Lewisporte Pilot


Dave's first album entitled "Unconditional" was released in the spring of 2008. The title track, Unconditional, as well other songs such as "Scars make Men" and "Amazing Grace" have recieved radio play both locally (on Vocm) as wel as nationally, being heard on CBC radio in St. Johns, Nl and Toronto, Ontario.

His second album is due to be released early May 2012. With his title track, "A Long Road Home" recieving great reviews, Dave is looking forward to continued success with this second album.



Born and Raised in Toronto, Ontario, Dave Thomson spent the majority of his teenage years, playing guitar and singing at his local community church. It wasn’t long after receiving his first guitar at the age of 13 that Dave began to realise his love for music and song writing. Although being raised in a diverse multi cultural city, Dave stuck close to his roots, and fell in love with country music. Throughout his teenage years he found himself influenced by artist such as Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, and classics such as George Jones, Merl Haggart and Johnny Cash.

Although Dave considers himself a country music artist, he also incorporates a great deal of Gospel, rock , southern rock and blues in his live shows. Prior to relocating to Newfoundland, Dave Thomson enjoyed entertaining crowds throughout Central Ontario.

In 2008, after tragically losing his father, Dave decided to take his music more seriously and released his debut CD entitled “Unconditional”.
"Unconditional" is a collection of original songs by Dave Thomson that at its core, speak about life, tragedy, and hope that rises from a love that is unconditional. As Dave travelled through the emotional journey of losing his father, the songs on the album began to tell a story of the love he lost, hope he found, and the unconditional love he continues to recieve daily.

Since moving to Newfoundland in 2008, Dave has greatly appreciated the recent support of local radio who have taken the time to discover his talent and have begun to play his CD on air. Songs such as “Unconditional”, “Scars make men”, and “Amazing Grace” have found air play on local radio stations, as well as CBC radio in Toronto, Ontario. At present Dave has finished recording his newest album entitled, A Long Road Home and has planned a CD release concert for May 10 here in Lewisporte, Nl, and a "Going Home" Tour in June 2012.