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Christmas Grace

Written By: Dave Todd

By Dave Todd

Seven bucks and hour; they said the job was mine
With your white hair and whiskers you’re gonna do just fine.
Ask ‘em if they’re being good; bounce ‘em on your knee.
Find out what they hope to find beneath their Christmas tree.

I did just like they told me for the money for a while.
An unconvincing HO HO HO, an artificial smile.
Video games and Barbie Dolls, these gifts they asked of me.
Electric trains and model planes, whatever’s on TV

I’d grown a little weary by the day of Christmas Eve
I was stealing glances at my watch, it was nearly time to leave.
I don’t know where she came from on that cold December day,
But she crawled right up into my lap… and took my breath away.

I bit my lip and looked into a sweet angelic face.
I thought of little Tara long departed from this place.
I felt the tears of anger burn, an old familiar pain.
A walk alone this long would drive a saner man insane.

I found my voice and asked her as she sat there patiently
“Have you been good; what can ol’ Santa leave beneath your tree?”
Her little eyes locked on me and she spoke up loud and clear.
“Santa I believe in Jesus!” then she whispered in my ear:

“You should believe in Jesus too you wouldn’t look so sad,
you know I’m going to go to heaven someday to see my dad.
I told him before he left I’d be a real good girl
So that we could be together when God took me from this world.

But he said “Just believe in Jesus Child, that’s all you’ve got to do.
What I’d like for Christmas Santa is for you to believe in him too.
She put her tiny hand in mine and smiled a knowing smile.
She said don’t worry Santa we’ll be with them in a while.

I asked, “What is your name child?” as I gently touched her face.
Nice to meet you Santa Clause,” she said, “My name is Grace!”
A little Christmas Angel, A little Christmas Grace,
A little Chrismas wisdom in a most unlikely place

I got down on my knees that night my elbows on the bed
I clasped my hands and closed my weary eyes and bowed my head
I asked the Lord to heal this heart with tears upon my face
And for the first time in forever, I thanked him for his Grace.

A little Christmas Angel, a little Christmas Grace
A little Christmas wisdom in a must unlikely place
Thank you Lord, for angels with Golden flowing curls
Little Christmas Angels, disguised as little girls.

A Dog's Life

Written By: Dave Todd

A Dog's Life
By Dave Todd

Sitting staring at these four walls with this old dog and a beer,
I was all tore up the first few days without you here.
But as time goes by I realize this house was not a home,
and if you're the best that I can do… I'm better off alone.

I’m still working on this dream house from that dream we used to share.
Guess it all belongs to me now, and the only bitch who cares.
She's the one who's glad to see me every night when I get home,
she fetches me my slippers… sits up and begs for her milk bones.

She don't whine about the dishes I leave dirty in the sink.
She's only in the bathroom long enough to get a drink.
She don't expect a phone call even when I'm running late,
and when it's time to make a beer run… she's never made me wait.

She can open up a cooler, bring a man an ice cold beer,
all she's ever wanted in return is scratched behind the ears.
Her mother never visits, she don't need no valentine,
and she can scoot across the rug real cute… and scratch her own behind.

Oh she's helping me get over you I'm stronger every day.
It's a dog's life here without you, but I'm gonna be okay.
You betrayed our love I thought my heart was never gonna mend
now I'm hanging out and healing up… with a broken man's best friend.

She'll be entertained for hours with a frisbee or a stick.
Licks up her own messes every time that she gets sick.
With her head stuck out the window she'll ride mile after mile.
When the wind blows up her lips like that… we just call it doggy smile.

Sometimes on a Saturday I’ll sit her on my lap,
we'll watch Bill Dance and all them shows you used to say were crap.
Most of all she don’t ignore me or spend hours on the phone.
She might sniff around downtown a bit, but she gets her bones at home.

She seems to like my singing even when I've got the blues.
She hasn't got a credit card and never shops for shoes.
Ignores all my bad habits even rides on my new hog,
and I never have to worry 'bout her …humping other dogs.

Oh she's helping me get over you I'm stronger every day.
It's a dog's life here without you, but I'm gonna be okay.
Guess you couldn't quite deliver on them promises you made.
How was I to know to keep you home… I should have had you spayed.