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Cloud Formations

Written By: Dave Todd

copyright Dave Todd 12/22/08

Kickin’ back on the front porch
starin’ up at the sky.
Pickin’out cloud formations
through these tears in my eyes.

Your old bird dog is lonely,
curled up here at my feet.
I’d fix us some supper but since you’ve been gone,
we don’t hardly eat.

Got what’s left of a six-pack,
old guitar standin’ by.
Tried to write you a song but you’re gone and gone with you’s
my reason to try.

Since you left I’ve been thinkin’.
I’ve been lookin’ within.
And I know you were right by not hangin’ around
with the fool that I’ve been.

Can’t stop thinkin’ about you.
You’re on my mind all day long.
And though I try to forget you and me and move on,
Baby I ain’t that strong.

My friends say it gets better,
and that time heals all pain.
But I’m starting to think that one more day without you
will drive me insane!

Wishin’ we could start over,
just one more clean slate.
Ain’t it sad how we finally figure it out
Just to find it’s too late?

Well this day’s about over.
The sun’s low in the sky.
And these clouds are beginning to shine like the night
on the Fourth of July.

But Baby what good’s a sunset
when you watch it alone?
What a fool not to realize your love was the greatest gift
I’ve ever known.

I don’t blame you for leavin’
the fightin’ day after day.
Baby I didn’t know what your love meant to me
‘til you took it away.