Dave Torre

Dave Torre


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Dave Torre is an engineer based in Miami, FL.

Born into a musical family, he began playing the viola and guitar at an early age. Dave grew up in Flint, MI and the surrounding areas where he performed with the Flint Youth Symphony, Dort Honors String Quartet, and rock group The Ignatius Wrylys throughout his high school years. Rather than continue school in Michigan, he decided to attend the University of Miami and enroll in their well-known Music Engineering program. While in Miami, Dave studied viola, guitar, and piano as well as audio and computer science. His engineering earned him first prize in the Audio Engineering Society’s recording competition in 2006. He spent summer 2007 at PureMix music production facilities in lower Manhattan.


In the

Engineer, co-writer, and guitars on "The Spy"

Engineer, viola, and supporting vocals on "Truman Capote"