dave unger

dave unger




ex-keyboard player / lead singer of love 666
currently member of rock, usadown, solo
usadown west coast tour april 2005
rock us tour july 2005


get down today

Written By: dave unger

i just got down
i hit the ground
i heard the sound
from all around

i just got paid
i just got laid
i just got made
in the states

there is no doubt
what it's about
you can't get out

i just got shot
it got too hot
went to the top
then i got dropped

i just got blown
by the unknown
into a zone
where you're alone

i didn't know
i had to show
i had to go against
the flow

but it's cool
but it's uncool
i feel alright

i had to run
from a gun
into the sun
at 12:01

get down today

rock on baby through the american night

Written By: dave unger*

234 rock on baby
drugs rock
(sha la la)
334 searchin/ (yeah)
searchin/ (yeah)
423 her blue eyes are (a)
like a death ray
435 that’s still killin’ me
501 ? (paranoia)
506 it’s rockin’ me through the night
516 makes me feel alright
524 alright
710 i heard you got down on a little trip
sorry but i had to split
728 waiting to (the max)
746 heard you got down
752 on a little trip
817 sorry but i had to split
900/1 heard you got down baby
905 little trip
909 sorry but i had to split
939 drugs
943 hard drugs
953 hard drugs usa
1114 drugs/rock
1116/7 drugs/rock
1126 nash
1126 nashville sound
1442/4 rock on baby
1453 rock on
1532 talk to me, rescue me, bring me back
1551 to the reality
1601 the reality
1609 reality
1630 i can’t play your games
anymore baby
1636 and i can’t play your games baby
1642 ?
1647 ‘cause i really can’t
1652/3 ?
1655 ?
1700 ?
1724 if you touch her
1727 you’re gonna lose
1733 if you touch her you’re
gonna lose
1837 ? rock on to
1844 ?
1919 paranoia
it’s rockin’ me through
1957 rescue me, bring me back
2023 talking hey baby
? tryin’ to gold/blue
eyes are like a death ray
that’s still killin’ me
so rock on baby
through the
through the american night
2146/7 she
2154 she?
2231 ‘cause
I love you

* "talk to me, rescue me, bring me back to the reality" - from 'the reality' by bill longhorse


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rock 006 love 666: nashville sounds

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