Dave Van Dyke

Dave Van Dyke


Rock acoustic americana. Catchy rhythmns with a bit of Tom Petty vocals and smooth guitar with an edge at times. Bring Coffee House rock back in fashion. Folk rock with a double shot of espresso of Americana. That's Dave Van Dyke.


Dave spent most of his career in part-time bands in college and for few years after playing mostly 60’s through 80’s rock and roll. The last ten have been spent playing smaller venues around New Brunswick and New Hope area honing several originals works during solo sets with a few covers from Tom Petty and Neil Young to fill the gaps.
It was the original songs that the local folks consistently commented on and wanted a copy of. Most of these works were never recorded and after fans, friends and work colleagues gave him the final nudge. Work began in early 2007 to formalize, copyright, and perform some final takes at some local pubs and coffee bar. After that, and several months in the studio “Desert Spirit”, the album, was released.

"Just A Man in the Moon" was recently released this October and has been hit over in Europe.

Dave is already busy on Album III, which will probably follow the same pattern, recording in the this winter with something expected by summer going for mastering and release.


1st Album - "Desert Spirit", Title track, Something I Can Use and Running Around - College airplay
2nd Album released, Oct 2008, "Just A Man in the Man". Singles are Can't Divide by Zero, Hop On the Train and Nothing On You. Inet Radio

Set List

10 siongs a set. Usually mix some orignals in with some oldies and acoustic newbies that aren't too much for coffee hour.
The Letter, Midnight Hour, Can't Explain (acoustic version), Listen to her Heart, Little Sister and few older Stones acoutic tunes.