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"XXL / Hennessy Artistry Spotlight Contest Winner - by Hennessy Artistry"

It's often said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but Pottstown, Pennsylvania, native Dave Vegas would much rather have his music achieve a wider reach. In an effort to do so, the singer/songwriter incorporates not only hip-hop into his sound, but also blues, gospel, and rock n roll. As he puts it, "It's all in one."
Vegas first tried his hand at music in 2000. Originally a backup dancer for a local group called Secret Invasion, DV transitioned from the background to the front stage after writing his first raps. His lyrical bars soon gave way to soulful melodies, thanks to the urging of friends who thought Vegas's smokey vocals were suited to more than just rappinig. After three years with Secret Invasion, the budding artist went on to pursue a solo career. "It was a growth process," says Vegas. "Being in a group, I didn't write as much as my partners. It really took a lot of digging deep down inside of myself to know that i can do it."
While Vegas exhibited some self-doubt initially, it has since been quelled, thanks to his latest single, "Paparazzi," the funk-filled standout off of his independent debut album, Lady Luck. The track's bouncy organs and stacked drum pattern make for a fun, accessible listen. Lyrically, however, Vegas offsets the up-tempo production with sharp social commentary, attacking the media's emphasis on gossip, rather than worldly issues.
Just as striking as Vegas's message is his theatrical and impassioned delivery - one of the main reasons he was selected to win the XXL & Hennessy Artistry Spotlight competition. "I just put my heart into it- no gimmicks - and I don't worry about no hits," he says. "I'm just being me."
Give him a round of applause. - XXL Magazine

"HiphopDX Interview"

Link: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/dxnext/id.150/title.dave-vegas

Recently, HipHopDX attended the 2009 New Jersey Music Conference. Representing the site, I sat on a panel of industry folks that gave constructive criticism on various talent traveling from places as far as Memphis and North Carolina and snow-struck Newark loft. The 10-hour event had lots of talent, expressing many styles of emceeing and Rap production.

Dave Vegas, a veteran musician from Pottstown, Pennsylvania was one of the absolute show-stoppers. With a singing-meets-rapping style, Vegas brought a musical warmth and smiles in a crowd that had heard punch-line raps and Trap beats for a majority of the day. With a style that could be described as Cee-Lo Green-meets-Elvis Costello, Vegas lives up to his entertainment name, incorporating props and anecdotes to his show in a way that pulls him past the typical unsigned talent.

With his first album Lady Luck out now, Dave Vegas and his manager JT met up with DX just on the Philadelphia city limits at a crowded Tex-Mex restaurant. There, Dave talks about why geography played such an interesting part in his music, winning over hardcore Hip Hop heads again and again, and representing the class of Eastern Pennsylvania emcees that all felt proud when ?uestlove and Black Thought blew up like popcorn.

Why Dave Was Mentioned On The Roots' 1995 single "Distortion To Static": "When I was younger, in the Hip Hop scene in Philadelphia, the underground scene, there was a magazine called The Buzz. Our group [at the time], Secret Invasion and The Roots, we were like going head-to-head with each other. We doing shows at Club Dancers, First District Plaza, we were doing in-stores, so we'd see The Roots a lot. This was maybe '92, '93. Timing is funny. I was younger, but I was like the Vin Rock of the group. The guy that I was rappin' with, he was a rapper. I started as a dancer, and he was like, 'Yo, I want you to write something.' So I wrote something [and it impressed him enough to put me in the group].

As [The Roots] got on, and they got signed [to Geffen Records], and that record came out, the one that got them signed, "Distortion To Static," they credited all the groups that were in that scene. All the groups that were [coming up with them]."

Outside Looking In: "I'm from the suburbs of [Philadelphia]. I'm from Pottstown. It's 30 minutes away. Being in Pottstown, which is near Lancaster, but near the city, I know I have a different story than what the country is going to say and than what the city is gonna say. Just being in the middle for me, and crayfishing and picking peaches off of trees [illegally], just growing up in that way sculpted someone different. I love the city. I've [since] lived in California, I lived in Atlanta, I love them all. I love all those experiences, but when I got back to Pottstown, it was a rebirth for me. Oh, I like being here! I got the ball started [as far as my career is concerned], being in Pottstown. I didn't need to be anywhere else, or with this person in the studio. I went home, and was around no one."

Winning Over The Unlikely Crowd: "I feel really received when I'm performing. That's why I named the album Lady Luck; I don't feel [like the guy] who rolls the dice and he's a winner. [But I do] feel like that when I'm writing and when I'm competiting, people love me. They like the sincerity of what I say and the theatrics of it. Everywhere I perform, it's never 'Ehhh,' it's 'I like that!' I performed [recently] at Club Ice in King of Prussia, and I used to work there also. There was 500 or 600 people there to see a show. So I went in and I performed three songs. Girls like it, but even [the least likely] guys in the crowd were coming up and [really strongly supporting the music]. It's cool. It's a blessing that people feel that way."

Personal, Never Business: "There's new sounds and new ways of doing things. I think people are really receptive to people being personal. People say, 'Don't get too personal with what you're doing,' man, I can't help but be personal! So when people hear it, they only have to hear a lil' bit to say, 'I've been through that,' or 'I know someone who's been through that,' or 'The way you're saying it is catchy.' It catches your ear. I like being personal, to some extent. I just have to be creative and bring the listener in, but still be me.

Influences: Dave's father, another musician. Run-DMC, Jeru Da Damaja, Michael Jackson, YZ, Leaders Of The New School. "The whole Hip Hop era influenced me. Adidas with fat laces; I used to break-dance at 12 years old, with cats that were like 15 years old."

The Single "Paparazzi": "I lived in L.A. The whole sound and the lyrics [is evident of that]. I had a friend who I was cool with. We used to go out to a spot in Hollywood called Los Palmas. It was cool. I left L.A., and a few years later I went back to visit and record some stuff, and wanted to go out. I called my buddy; he sai - by Jake Paine


Lady Luck, LP



Be sure to watch the video of my performance at the NJ Music Conference in Newark on 12/18/2009. Hosted by Vince Carroll of Vegas Style Ent. The industry panel was very distinguished with Eric Beasley, A&R from Asylum Records, Steve Raze from Allhiphop.com, Jake Paine from HiphopDX.com, and many other music industry professionals.

Official Website: www.davevegas.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/onevegas
Management & Booking: Contact JT, 610-453-4052, jtlmgmt@gmail.com, www.jtlartistmanagement.com
Email: teamdavevegas@gmail.com

Dave Vegas has a unique style of singing & rapping that isn't like anything else. He's sometimes described as Cee-Lo Green meets Elvis Costello or Maxwell meets Andre 3000. You can expect Vegas style entertainment and not Hollywood high.

Dave Vegas earned a name for himself when he was in a group called “Secret Invasion” in which he was credited by “The Roots” on their album “Distortion of Static.” He also worked alongside hit maker Tamar Savage who has written for Christina Aguilera, Whiney Houston, Janet Jackson, Mya, Monica, and Nicole Wray. “Working with Tamar Savage was a fun & interesting experience that helped me become a better writer,” says Dave Vegas. Also he shared the stage with Nas, Fat Joe, Fabulous, Busta Rhymes and Freeway just to name a few. You will hear influences from many genres as you experience his music such as funk, soul, gospel, R&B, hip hop and even rock.

Recognition & Awards:
2009 Hennessy Artistry Contest winner for the song Paparazzi.
2009 Boston Music Conference - 3rd place for the song Paparazzi

Press Coverage:
November issue XXL Magazine - full page article results of the Hennessy Artistry contest

Radio Interviews:
Ms. Drama (airing 3/18/10) on BreakThruRadio (www.breakthruradio.com)
Philadelphia's FM 88.1 with DJ YesinDeed
Boston's FM 106.1 with Courtney B
Glam & Reg Hollywood on New 105.5i The Heat www.new1055theheat.com
Playgirl from Rap Fanatic Magazine & Radio Host on www.dtfradio.com

Radio Air Plays:
Pacific Radio Network (150 stations - http://www.pacifica.org)