Dave & Vicki McClellan

Dave & Vicki McClellan


Dave and Vicki McClellan love to worship God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our music is contemporary, from intense to intimate. Dave has smooth and strong vocals . Vicki's voice draws you in and is angelic and has been likened to Sarah McLachlan. We vary from progressive rock to heart touching melodic


Our music is to worship God and even with the two of us can get the crowd moving and dancing or draw tears. We love to be interactive with the listeners and encouraging.

We are lead by the Holy Spirit and most often will move into prophetic songs and proclamations that will encourage, impart and heal hearts. That is our 'M.O.' In Idaho, we often play with our full band for many conferences in churches, apostolic/prophetic conferences.
The band when we are with them consists of drums, bass, electric lead guitar, violin, keyboards and another female vocal. They are fantastic.

We have learned to 'flow' as a band, what most would call 'jamming'. It's very powerful. We've played at least a 15 conferences over the last 3 years.

We've played and ministered with some of the following speakers, Ray Hughes, Paul Keith Davis, Steve Thompson (of Morningstar), Harold Eberle, John L. Moore, Lloyd Phillips, Christie Moore, David Ravenhill, Bill Yount, Guy Contella, Steven J. Hill, Danny Daniels, Cindy McGill, Pat Holloran, and many more. We've also opened for Point of Grace.


Our most recent CD is 'AS ONE'. All songs are written by Dave McClellan with 2 co-written with Vicki. The lead guitar and violin on the CD are the only additions from the usual band. The CD was masterfully produced and arranged by Ian Townend, a British genius who for many years traveled with Terry Law's group, Living Sound. He is now based in Boise, Id where we live. The CD was Mastered by 3 time Grammy Award winner Richard Dodd and is beautifully crafted and progressively and contemporarily arranged.
Tracks can be heard and/or purchased at
They are not currently on radio play. They can also be heard at www.Indieheaven.com

Set List

A typical set list is atypical because of the leading of the Holy Spirit. We will often choose from about 5-8 songs and switch them around as we feel/discern the 'mood' of the Holy Spirit and flow accordingly. Often the chord progressions will lend to a prophetic flow and utterance of word or lyrics as they come from above.

Usually a set will last from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hrs., depending on the context and need of the meeting.

If a meeting is just for entertainment then we will be typical in a set of 8-10 songs in an hour. We rarely do this.