Dave Wagner

Dave Wagner


Dave Wagner combines provocative instrumentals, addictive lyrics, and a passion for performance that forces fans to their feet, craving more. His originality and versatility as a songwriter has secured nationwide interest, and is a breathe of fresh air for the genre.


“Wilton Ave” is the latest in a long line of musical accomplishments for solo artist Dave Wagner. With its musically refreshing mix of styles and dulcet vocals, the album is a combination of quality songwriting and great performances. Dave is no stranger to the music world. While growing up in the St. Louis area, he began performing at an early age. Born into a musical family, by the age of four Dave was learning the piano and singing in every local choir his parents could find. This continued until Dave left for the University of Illinois, where he graduated with a degree in vocal performance. While in college, he toured the country with U of I’s premiere a capella group “The Other Guys.” With this group, he enjoyed performing in such venues as Yankee Stadium, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, and the Eugene O’Neill Theater on Broadway.

After college, Dave sang and played keys with the Chicago rock group “Henderson Inches.” After enjoying some local success with the band, he became certified in recording engineering and opened Super Buddha Studios. During his years owning Super Buddha, along with engineering, Dave often found himself lending his talents as background vocals and harmonies for countless clients in styles ranging from hip-hop to rock to jazz. Many recordings he engineered received airplay on most of the major Chicago radio stations. During this time, Dave never stopped performing and writing music. Often he would sit in with other local groups singing at such venues as House of Blues.

But it wasn’t until summer 2003, when a Chicago radio station held its own “Chicago Idol” contest, that Dave gave serious thought to pursuing a career as a solo artist. After placing third out of nearly 5,000 people, he decided to get out from behind the mixing console and get back on the microphone. Before closing Super Buddha, Dave gathered some talented friends and recorded “Wilton Ave,” a collection of just 10 of the many outstanding songs he has composed. Although Dave at first intended the recording to be only a studio project, he realized that he had created something bigger. He took the same players and assembled an 11-piece band. “Wilton Ave” is just the beginning of what is sure to be a long, rewarding journey for Dave Wagner.


I Try

Written By: Dave Wagner

She wants me to try so I
Think about the time I spend with her
But somewhere deep inside
She knows

As I try to look in her eye
And try not to let is show
I tell her that things will be fine

Maybe I’ll regret it if I leave
I’m sure I’m gonna miss her down the road
And though I’ve always wanted to believe
Something inside just tells me so

Don’ walk away
Yesterday I found your letter
Stay with me another day
What could I say
I know we can make things better
I can’t let it slip away

Wilton Ave

Written By: Dave Wagner

Such a calm and peaceful night
As I make my way back home
I try to contemplate
Why I walk this road alone
I arrive at my front door
But just can’t seem to go inside
She’s so much more than I’d hoped for
I disappear back in the night

Sent from heaven
She illuminates my soul
The city streets seem barren
While I continue on my stroll
From that first moment I had known
I knew that I had met my match
‘Til he called you on your phone
Why must there always be a catch

But if I knew
That a million dreams could come true
I’d let all but one go passin’ by
So I could live the dream I have with you.

Thought I had what it took
That I could finally win your love
Well he’s got the looks
But in truth I rise above
If you’d look inside your heart
I think you’ll find some truth in there
He will tear your smile apart
I can see it in his icy stare

If I could promise you
That a million dreams could come true
Would you try ‘n pass him by
So we can live the dream I have with you

One day, girl, when tears are streaming
Two my heart you may be leaning
Three hearts with that sinking feeling
Four my soul will still believe
In you

I’d like you here before me
So you can look me in the eye
And maybe try ‘n tell me
Why these feelings you deny

Here I am again
Standin’ back at my front door
Maybe I’ll go in
‘n see just what fate has in store

Wilton Ave’s a one way
Have I got to get to where I’m goin’

Such a calm and peaceful night
It’s nice to finally be back home


Written By: Dave Wagner

Sleep now covered in my dreams
Everything is not what it seems
Crowded corners cloud my mind
Lacking something to find

Have to keep my mind from wanderin’
Have to keep my time from dwindlin’
All I know is how to smile and how to reconcile each mile
And the more I grow the more see you file away

Then you smile and I find your eyes
And out of the dark I still feel I’m blind
Give me today
No need to rewind
I am lookin’ for nothin’ to find
Nothin’ to find


Album - Wilton Ave (2005)

Set List

Dave offers over 2 hours of original and cover material. When covering others, the artist's include:

Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Ben Folds Five, Beck, etc...