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David Weise (2006)
Sick World (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


David Weise was a Brookyln kid who grew up jamming to the punk stylings of the Ramones, Black Flag and the Clash, the glam excess of Twisted Sister, classic rock blues pysche from the Doors and metal mania from folks like Manowar, just to name a few. And these influences are notable present in the rock n' roll being written and performed by Weise, now an adult, but still a New Yorker. The independent artist's hard rock musings are unafraid to put on display the one foot this musician has in classic punk attitude. But of course, it doesn't stop there. Weise's music also betrays the metal in his listening history with crunchy riffage that tempts you to jack up your horn fingers. There's even a bit of stoner influence to help indicate he's not afraid of a little retro! But besides all these sounds from the old school, Weise's music is blatantly conscious of and informed by latter-day rock icons. The grunge and noise pop sounds that exploded onto the scene in the 90s are alive and well in the artist's thick sound; indeed, the dense but melodic punch of bands like Weeze and teh post-punk fuzzknuckle energy of the likes of Nirvana are plainly evident in the songs of David Weise. Lyrically, his songs are equally dynamic and catchy. A variety of topics are addressed by pen, voice, and instrument, all with the attitude that says, "I may be having fun, but I've got something to say." Indeed, Weise's lyrics tackle their subjects with a hint of anger but with tongue not far from cheek. The culmination of these eclectic influences, welded together with skill and artistry, is a muscular rock sound that packs punch and is at once sleek and gritty. And it's a sound that is presented with solid production values that bestow thickness of sound without being excessively dense or cumbersome. Weise's music, from writing to recording, is comprised of deftly balanced elements fused into a taunt aural assault. Aside from his musical and lyrical skill, Weise is also deserving of respect in the rock community for sheer, hard work. In a world where so many can't see past getting signed by the big labels, Weise is plugging along and working hard, paying his dues. He's already got two albums under his belt, prodcued and performed independently. All told, Weise's music- built on a foundation of dedication- grabs from teh past and addresses the present while rocking into the future. As a fan of the artist has said, "Weise is a true songwriter-- these lyrics are written and delivered with integrity. Genuine rock n' roll for this generation."