Dave West

Dave West


Indie-pop somewhere between analog and digital...


Dave and Grant have a band by the name of, Reily. www.reilytheband.com. To record their debut full length LP they cleared out Dave's garage and spent a couple months overdubing all the instruments themselves, due to their severe lack of ability in regards to aquiring friends...


Track Stars and The Headphone Magnificence, LP-07
Telling People Lies, EP-06
Frequent airplay on Seattle's KEXP 90.3 Audio Oasis, and streaming play on University of Washington's Rainy Dog Radio...

Set List

Our setlist changes dramatically by who is playing in our live band. Although the record was recorded, produced, and performed entirely by the two of us, we perform publically with a band of about eight people total. Including a full horn section. Our set's are usually 40 minutes to an hour.