Dave Williford

Dave Williford


Take the piano, a little bluegrass, a little country and a whole lot of gospel and you have Dave Williford. A singer/ songwriter from the heartland.

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God Knows

Written By: Dave Williford

You may not have the answers
To the questions in your life
You and I may never know
All the reasons why
You feel you've been forsaken
If someone only knew
If someone only understood
Just what you're going through
God knows
God cares
He holds the answers
To all your prayers
God knows
God cares
He gave his only son to die
on the cross so you and I would know
God Knows
For God so loved the world
He gave his only son
It seemed so much to give
He'd give it all for one
So no matter where you're going
He's walked that road for you
So you would know that someone knows
Just what you're going through


A King's Ransom
Christmas Spirit

Set List

10-15 songs mostly original with some great arrangements to familiar hymns. We have an absolute blast with a fun time called air banjo and audience participation. Your audience will