Davey O.

Davey O.

 Buffalo, New York, USA

"pretense-free Americana"



It's no surprise that Buffalo, NY born and bred songwriter Davey O. has been described by Buffalo News critic Jeff Miers as having "a journalist’s eye for detail and poet’s ear for the well-turned observation".  Embarking on a decade-plus journey that has resulted in a collection of justly-earned, highly introspective songs, Davey crafts pure Americana that is not of the social and political consciousness, but drawn from the deep well of experience and human emotion - no hackneyed story lines, no insincere polish, just an unflinching poet's look at life. The characters woven seamlessly into stories of which the song itself becomes the soundtrack for the movie playing inside the listener's head.

Armed with a steady, rhythmic pulse on his Gibson guitar, a battered straw cowboy hat and a no apologies rust-belt work ethic, Davey puts rubber to asphalt, entertaining attentive, diverse audiences at listening rooms, coffeehouses, nightclubs, festivals, colleges and universities throughout the Northeast, Midwest, Midsouth and Atlantic U.S. - performances that result in engagement and communion between performer and audience through story and song.

The hard work has paid off with recognition by way of a New Folk Finalist Selection at The 2013 Kerrville Folk Festival, an Official Showcase Selection at the 2011 Folk Alliance Conference and coveted opening act slots for Amy Speace, Tracy Grammer, Eilen Jewell, Suzanne Vega, Eric Andersen, Cheryl Wheeler, Sloan Wainwright, Kim & Reggie Harris, The Kennedys and Poco.

In August 2012, Davey released - "Testing For Rust" which has grabbed the attention of Folk & Americana DJ's across the country, earning him top grades on the Folk DJ Charts. "Testing For Rust" debuted on FOLK DJ Radio Charts at #20, made the Top Sellers on CD Baby, hit the Airplay Direct Charts Top 50, and spent 11 weeks in the Top 25 on the Roots Music Report (RMR) for State of NY.  "Testing For Rust" was also placed on the 2012 "Best of" lists by radio stations WVPE (Elkhart, IN), WHRW (Binghamton, NY), 90FM (Stevens Point, WI) and WMSC (Montclair, NJ). 

In September 2014, Davey release a 7 song EP, "No Passengers", co-produced by Neale Eckstein at Fox Run Studios in Sudbury, MA. Like its predecessor "Testing For Rust", "No Passengers" has also captured the hearts of folk DJ's around the country, debuting as a Top 20 album on the Folk DJ Charts for September 2014 and remaining a Top 25 Contemporary Folk CD on the Roots Music Reports for the better part of five months. "No Passengers" also received inclusion on the "Best of 2014" lists of no less than six radio stations - WHRW (Binghamton, NY), WAMC (Albany, NY), WMSC (Montclair, NJ), Radio Crystal Blue (Tacoma, WA), WVPE (Elkhart, IN) and The Sundilla Radio Hour (Auburn, AL).  “No Passengers” was also graded among the Top 100 Contemporary Folk Albums of 2014 on the Roots Music Reports, landing in the #26 position.

Davey continues to tour in support of this release, averaging over 120 dates per year.


* 2015 Finalist (third place in Folk Rock/Roots/Americana/category) - 32nd Annual Middle Atlantic Song Contest

* Selected Artist - 2015 NERFA Conference Suzi Wollenburg DJ Showcase

* Selected Artist - 2014 Passim Campfire Festival 

* 2013 Kerrville New Folk Finalist

* 2013 Best New Artist - Radio Crystal Blue, Tacoma, WA

* Official Showcase Selection - 2011 International Folk Alliance Conference


Ev'ry Single Day

Written By: Davey O.

Ev’ry Single Day

1.) Beat and broken down rust belt man

Broken skin on his calloused hands

Blast furnace burnin’ like a midday sun

Oh, but ev’ry single day the work gets done

Ev’ry single day the work gets done

2.) Coal black dirt mixin’ with sweat

Well his eyes and his lungs don’t hurt just yet

And the steel flows like a molten lava run

Oh and ev’ry single day the work gets done

Ev’ry single day the work gets done

[bridge] - Friday night down at Trio’s Bar

He pulls himself a seat

Near the pickled egg jar

One last wish on a shooting star

‘Cause the pain rolls through

Like a Lackawanna railroad car

[instrumental break]

3.) Beat and broken down rust belt man

Well he never missed a day in a 20 year span

So he passed it on down to his daughters and sons

Tell ‘em ev’ry single day the work gets done

Ev’ry single day the work gets done

Ev’ry single day the work gets done

Ev’ry single day….

The work gets done

Lyrics by Davey O., © 2012 Davey O. Music (ASCAP)


Written By: Davey O.


1.) City lights behind me

Sunset to my west

The company I keep these days

Has always been the best

That’s why I feel like I am walking on a cloud

Listening to this band play

At a carnival on the edge of town

Listening to a band play

At a carnival on the edge of town

2.) You can’t guess my age or weight

Or that clowns bring out my fears

Hell, I can’t even tell you where

I might be in a year

But this carousel keeps spinnin’ ‘round and ‘round

The horses sing a sad song

At a carnival on the edge of town

The horses sing a sad song

At a carnival on the edge of town

[bridge] – Fireworks are lighting up the sky

All along the lakeside

And there’s no place I’d rather hide

Than right here, in your eyes

[instrumental break]

3.) Asphalt in my mirror

Sunrise straight ahead

You leave one life behind

To find a better one I guess

So you pack it up and move it to new ground

‘Cause you’re just another sideshow

At a carnival on the edge of town

We’re all another sideshow

At a carnival on the edge of town

Lyrics by Davey O., © 2012 Davey O. Music (ASCAP)

No Money Down

Written By: Davey O.

No Money Down

1.) I got a home

With no money down

An old fixer upper

On the west side of town

Well, it ain’t in the greatest section

But the mayor said “next election”

He’d promise to turn this neighborhood around

2.) I got a home

With no money down

Built with beams

That measure two feet around

You know they don’t build ‘em like that no more

With lead glass windows and the coffin doors

But I got a home, I got a home

[bridge]- You know the hookers and the dealers

Start takin’ to the corner

Around the time the sun goes down

Well you can hang your head in horror

Or watch it all go down

Laughin’ as you tell yourself, “the circus is in town"

But I got a home, yeah I got a home

[instrumental break]

3.) Yeah I got a home

With no money down

A roof above my head

And food on the table right now

You know it might need a little touch of paint

The prettiest thing at times it ain’t

But I got a home

Yeah I got a home

I got a home

With no money down

With no money down

With no money down…

Lyrics by Davey O., © 2012 Davey O Music (ASCAP)

The Absence Of Madalaine

Written By: Davey O.

The Absence Of Madalaine

1.) Madalaine, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same

Without you here

You took my name, you took my heart

And then you took my fear

And all my pain – disappeared

[refrain] – Now loneliness will come ‘round

Like a shadow ‘cross my door

And the lines around my eyes

Stare back at me like roads upon a map

That I have travelled so far down

That I don’t even recognize myself – anymore

2.) Madalaine, I still hear the whistle of that train

Pulling away

You’re chasing fame, to the bright lights of the city

With no shame

Don’t let the flame – disappear

[refrain] – Now don’t you come unraveled

You’re much stronger than I am

But if tears roll down your cheeks

Onto the place you rest your head

Travel so far down into a place

Where you will recognize yourself – once again

[bridge] – Now Madalaine I wish the days would pass

And you would come back home to stay – at last

‘Cause we’re not any younger

But I know I’d still fall underneath the spell – you cast

[vocal ad lib]

3.) Madalaine, just to hear you name

Gives me a thrill, I can’t contain

My heart is full

Just to see you step off of that train

Into my world – once again

[refrain] – Now here’s to hopin’ lonely days

Won’t come ‘round here no more

Your love’s come back to chase away

The shadows from my door

Light streams from the eyes across my pillowcase

I recognize myself – I recognize myself

Once again

Lyrics by Davey O., © 2012 Davey O. Music (ASCAP)


All releases on h3o records.

Reflect (2000) (out of print)

the bare sessions (2002) (out of print)

The Emotional Shelter (2003 -) digital only

thirtyninedollarview (4 song EP) (2005 -CD limited quantities - available in digital)

The Long Way Home (2009)

Testing For Rust (2012)

Set List

Davey can provide anything from a 20 - 45 minute support set, to a full night performed in one 90 minute or two 45 minute sets

Technical requirements/board inputs -

Artist requires a balanced XLR input and electric outlet for L.R. Venue D.I. and provides his own vocal mic, a Sennheiser e835