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Your American Sin - split EP



Songs are my way of getting my head around something, my way of struggling and grasping, understanding and questioning, believing and learning. Whatever spills out of my head stays as long as it is honest. Anything less is drivel.

So this is where every song begins, a stream of honest thought. From the time I penned my first lyrics, to the time I posted these tunes, thats what it's been about. Finding the truth in art. I've heard that my songs are sad, I've heard they are hopeful, and I've even heard someone say "is this all just wishful thinking?"

I like my tunes to have a little twang and soul to them, I'm not sure if they do but thats what I'd like to believe. Sometimes they are bombastic, but most of the time they are quiet and contemplative. I would rather tell a story and ask some good questions than pound on anybodys ears. My acoustic guitar is heard a lot on these tunes but that doesn't mean I'm not partial to warm overdrive. I'm a big fan of the banjo and the harmonica, and they all make appearances somewhere or another.