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Davey T Hamilton

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE | AFM

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE | AFM
Band Country Rock


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The best kept secret in music


"Artist Lookout for 2007"

"I will be releasing my 3rd studio album, Starting Today, in March. With the exception of the drums and a few steel/electric guitar parts, I played every instrument on the album. I also co-wrote 9 of the 10 songs, engineered, produced, and mixed the entire project. I am excited as I look into the New Year!
In 2006 I came up with a business plan and found the financial backing to start a label so I could release Starting Today. The first single, also entitled, Starting Today, will be released to country radio in late February 2007. My goal with this project is to gain the fan base and momentum of a major label artist." - CCMA Powersource Magazine

"Refreshing Sound with a Positive Message"

In a time when routine studio musicians and formulated arrangements make country music stale, rising star Davey T Hamilton's album Dixie Road is a breath of fresh air. It is the first Album that I have listened to since the Beatles (White Album) where I enjoyed every song. The entire album was recorded in a studio Hamilton set up by maxing out six credit cards. Its incredibly diverse sound displays a unique blend of Country, Pop, Rock, Bluegrass, Folk, Retro, and Punk.
As I listened to Hamilton's Dixie Road, I found myself lost in the songs, not just the music. Every song on the album is incredibly strong in subject content while pushed and prodded by lyrics that are convincingly and passionately delivered. Hamilton had a hand in co-writing all 13 songs with veteran songwriter Chris Gantry as well as arranging,producing, performing, engineering, and mixing the entire album on his own. His resolute tenor and dazzling arrangements shine as he breathes real passion into pop-tinged tunes Long Night Journey and Gonna Hold You which could both easily be at home on Pop Top 40 and Modern Country radio. The title track Dixie Road fuses an explosive drive reminiscent of Jerry Reed meets Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Keith Urban and brings back a much needed anthem to the South. What a Woman Does and Too Good to Be Right display a depth to Hamilton's artistry that is rare at such a young age. And then there is Lonesome Traveler and Movin where you hear an undeniable mix of rock and country a la (the Beatles meet Dwight Yoakam). I took a deep breath and relaxed as Hamilton took me back to the 50's with Angel in You. Unexpectedly, I was hit with the in your face Dangerous. It was like listening to the old Sun Recordings of Elvis and I had to get up and move! Closing the Album is the mesmerizing Mi Amor Verdadero which stands in a class of its own.
Hamilton is so talented, likeable, and good-looking that it's hard not to hate him. The quality and style of Dixie Road demonstrates how much he has grown as a singer and a songwriter since his 10 month old debut 25 4 Life. He is as skilled at writing songs as he is at singing them. And his arrangement and production skills are nothing short of prodigy, considering he started playing music 5 years ago. What I find so amazing is that Hamilton covers so much musical territory and he does it convincingly.
After listening to Dixie Road I believe Hamilton could take his music in any direction he wanted to and his versatile talent would probably work for him.
I tip my hat off to MSN-CNET for their online statement "In a perfect world, Hamilton would have already sold a million records." I couldn't agree more! Hamilton is sure to find a niche' in the hearts of music fans, of all genres, around the world. He has it all. Looks, talent, charisma, compassion and like all truly great artists, he just gets better with time. I think it is a perfect world and Davey T Hamilton is well on his way to selling a million records! - All The Rage

"Hamilton To Rock the Midwest Music Summit"

Country/Pop fans in Indianapolis Indiana should head over to Radio Radio on Saturday July 23rd where up and coming Country artist Davey T Hamilton and his band Juke Joint Fire make a stop for the Midwest Music Summit.
Hamilton started playing guitar and performing as a front man, bass, and keyboard player for various bands while attending the University of Kentucky. Since then, he has taught himself to sing, write, play 10 instruments, record, mix, and master sound recordings.
Residing in Nashville as a Music Row Staff Songwriter, Hamiltons un-orthodox approach to country music is as fresh as the springtime breeze. His unique blend of Country, Rock, Bluegrass, Folk, Punk, and Pop is nothing short of genius.
Although his career is just getting started his songwriting and sure fire sound are well ahead of his Nashville competition. Strong hooks, lyrical depth, and an emotional delivery draws listeners into his world.
Combine Hamiltons sound with a great band and a killer stage presence and you've got one heck of a show!

Come on out to Radio Radio on Saturday July 23rd.
The show starts at 5 p.m. and the cover is only $8.

Rising Country Star Davey T Hamilton performs at Radio Radio in Indianapolis IN on Saturday July 23rd. - Indiana Newspaper

"New Kid in Town Joins Forces with A Songwriting Legend"

Music Row Staff Songwriter/Up and Coming Artist Davey T Hamilton is working hard and Nashville is sure to take notice. In a studio set up by maxing out 6 credit cards, Hamilton arranged, produced, performed, and mixed his second album Dixie Road. The album was co-written with the Legendary Chris Gantry who is best know for his Glenn Campbell smash 'Dreams of the Everyday Housewife'. Gantry is no stranger to success with over 100 cuts under his belt by artists including: Roy Clark, Johnny Cash, Sonny Curtis, Robert Goulet, Wayne Newton, Johnny Lee, Reba McEntire, Billy Walker, Garry Pucket, Davey T Hamilton, Yankee Grey, and Rhett Akins. There will be a series of local Nashville shows where Gantry will be opening up for Davey T Hamilton & Juke Joint Fire. This is an event you don't want to miss! - All The Rage

"Davey T is offered a guitar endorsement deal!"

Davey T Hamilton excepts guitar endorsement deal with Greg Bennett guitars. He will be playing Greg Bennet Guitars and Bass instruments. - NA

"Editor's Review of 25 4 Life"

Nashville artist Davey T. Hamilton has updated bluegrass while keeping the music's original soul intact. His lush arrangements and solid storytelling bring to mind the new country sound of Rascal Flatts, while his bluegrass chops are pure Union Station. In a perfect world, Hamilton would have already sold a million records. - CNET-MSN

"Davey T - Starting Today"

This album was one that really surprised us. We really haven't heard much about Davey T, but this release should put hium in the public eye shortly. The fact that he sang, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed, AND played over 5 instuments on his own album really left us speechless. The talent that Davey T shows through this album was so enormous, we are surprised that he hasn't been at the top of every chart at one time or another. An amazing CD that should be in everybody's possesion.

Reviewed By: Quentin Foster - Roots Music Report

"Davey T. Hamilton & Country Boys at Music on the Square tomorrow"

A new name will appear on the program at Music on the Square tomorrow (Saturday, July 11). Its Davey T. Hamiltons first appearance at Music on the Square. Hamilton and his Country boys are sure to entertain you with some of the finest and most professional music of the season. This group blends southern rock, pop, country, and a bit of bluegrass to give a brand new sound to great music. See and hear them at Music on the Square tomorrow night. Bring the family and lawn chairs. Vendors will be there were food and drink. Its a great show. It starts at 7 pm! - The News Democrat


Starting today. It could be a theme for all of us. For Davey T it’s the first cut on his newest album - and the album’s title. "It’s about being a better person," Davey said.

Davey was at WFLE July 16, promoting his music. An interview and the playing of three of the songs on the album introduced him to the local listening audience. Until seven years ago, he had never played an instrument or sang a song for any audience. "I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket," said Davey T.

Why the transformation - or perhaps more importantly how? A college student at the University of Kentucky, Davey had been considering a major but wasn’t certain of his course. A bodybuilder who enjoyed working out, he drifted toward kineseology simply because his friends told him it would be a natural fit. However, when Davey moved in with a friend who seemed to have abandoned his guitar, his fate was sealed as was his direction in life. He picked up the guitar, strummed at the strings and followed the urge to correctly play the instrument. "I loved it [playing the guitar]," said Davey who quickly learned what many might consider a difficult skill. Thus began an intense regimen for Davey to learn all that he could. That push also led him to Nashville.

"I love country music," Davey said. Influences growing up were varied. In high school he listened to a melting pot of everything as teenagers are apt to do. Subtle influences from the stations and music his parents preferred made inroads of which he may not have even been aware. "It’s not cool to listen to what your parents listen to," Davey said.

Considering all other elements of a music career, Davey decided that his voice and sound were more closely aligned with country music. "And country music is the easiest genre [to break into] because there are more country music stations," said Davey. And that was important because Davey had already mapped out what he wanted to do with his life.

Davey mastered the guitar and nine other instruments. He read at length about how to increase his vocal range. He listened to other vocalists who had a similar voice to find the best vocal style for himself. That interest led to songwriting and more study. "There’s a formula for songwriting," Davey said. "You want a song to flow well from verse to chorus." With the aid of what Davey termed "good songwriters" in Nashville who helped him, he writes most of his own songs. "Every lyric has meaning for me. It says something. They are really me, what’s inside me," Davey said. Listen to "Starting Today or "Job Well Done" and you hear the life experiences that he has woven into his songs.

Considering the layers of the music world today, Davey realized after his move to Nashville five years ago that he didn’t have the money to rent a recording studio, at least not often or for long. "I thought it would be smarter to have my own recording studio," Davey said. So the artist maxed out his credit cards, bought $20,000 worth of recording equipment and set out to learn that end of the business. Describing the experience "as a headache" since he was blindly undertaking another skill, Davey finally "figured out" the process and began to learn how to get a publishing deal. Two years ago Davey quit his day job and became a staff songwriter, allowing himself a further glimpse into the music world.

Now this recording artist is on a mission - one that will get his name and music on the air waves around the nation. Although he had done two albums, Davey classified them as non-commerical. The sound just wouldn’t work for radio. "Starting Today," however, was specifically produced for radio.

The stop in Flemingsburg last week was his fourth week of making contact with small country music stations within a 250-mile radius of Nashville. He’s already covered western and middle Tennessee and a portion of southern Kentucky. "This is what Loretta Lynn did. She and Mooney drove from station to station," Davey said. The hope is that Davey’s music will become popular at the grassroots level. He currently records with a small, independent label. It takes a great deal of money and name recognition or an endorsement from a country music star to get large radio stations to play newer artists and their music.

"There’s no one who works harder than I do, but it’s worth it," said Davey for whom music is an escape from the real world. And Davey T hopes that his hard work will mean that in three to five years he is one of the biggest acts in country music.

- Carolyn Schwartz - Flemingsburg Gazette


Starting Today


Feeling a bit camera shy


"I have to make music to be happy. It has nothing to do with fame or fortune. My sound is a Rockin' Country style with a sprinkle of Bluegrass. My songs are about life, love, and family."

"I sing, play guitar, drums, bass, piano, and a few other instruments. I write my songs, produce my music, and play most of the instruments on my recordings. There is nothing more satisfying to me than writing a song and hearing it come to life in the recording studio. I give allot of my music away for free because I want to share it with people. I hope you like it and will come to see me perform."

"I have been very fortunate to open or share the stage with some great acts including: Vince Gill, Big and Rich, Charlie Daniels Band, Steve Wariner, Trick Pony, Amy Grant, Trent Tomlinson, Porter Wagoner, Kentucky Headhunters, Jack Greene, Marty Stuart, Little Jimmy Dickens, Chris Gantry, Mac Gaydon, Trailor Park Choir, and many more."



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Solo (Davey T Hamilton acoustic solo performance)
A very intimate and emotional acoustic show with personal stories about the original songs. Hamilton mixes some covers of Classic Country, Southern Rock, Modern Country, and Bluegrass with a majority of the show being Davey T originals.

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