Dave Yubruh

Dave Yubruh



Just as a joke has an element of surprise, so can the story of a comic.

Take Dave Yubruh. He defied the comedy actuarial tables when he stepped on stage for the first time, soon appearing in two dozen venues in the Tri-State Comedy Mecca (Massachusetts, Connecticut & Florida), and earning a spot as a finalist in the Valley of Laughter Western Massachusetts Comedy Festival.

Onstage, he jokes about kids and parents, sex and/or romance, schools and jobs, race 'n' ethnic stuff, religion and other sports, and more things that make the world go round in a surprising and lopsided way.

Offstage, the Boston native, writer and former college teacher's hobbies include playing the piano and ukulele (though not at the same time . . . yet) and explaining to people how to spell and pronounce his last name. He has a (first) wife and a daughter who surprised him by heckling him the first time he told jokes at home.

As one fan said after a show: "When I first saw you, you didn't look like you would be funny. But then you were!"