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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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Afro-electro-funk performance artist Daví opens his new 'Got the Seed' EP boldly. The unsettlingly funky title track is based around a Bollywood sample run not through a web of filters, but some sort of Steampunk contraption; all winding gears and sprockets. Daví's music is just that set of contradictions, it's infectiously danceable and draped in Moog synths and effects, but the beats are always just a little jagged. Even the synths often have some organic quality. 'Wonder on a Lump' marries it's simple sexy bassline to a beat that seems constantly on the verge of losing time. The Rube Goldberg drums are mechanical, sure, but these are handmade machines of wood and steel, not the pristine fax machines untouched by human hands of most electro-funk.

'Reptiiiile' is a clear electro descendant of dub but somehow comes off as completely distinct from everyone's favorite love-or-hate-it punchline dubstep. Like punk rock and country they share considerable DNA while sounding nothing alike (unless you're Social Distortion, but really, who is these days?). And speaking of DNA, with 'Reptiiiile' Daví accomplishes the astonishing feat of making a “baby-making” track about the consequences of said baby-making. The song directs its ire at the absent fathers of the children of one night stands. “Shout out to all the bad dads...get it together.”
The big highlight of the EP is 'Love's Tanqueray.' Daví intones the monster hook “Turn the lights on / I'm a fool for black silhouettes” over a rare simple dance beat. The track's simplicity is a reprieve on an EP whose dense and ambitious production skips gleefully back and forth over the fine line between exhilarating and exhausting. The hook is repeated on the a capella 'I'm a Fool for Black Silhouettes,' a move which would feel self-indulgent with a lesser melody.?

Daví closes out the EP with the haunting and surprising 'When the Ceiling is Gone.' The song trades in the rest of the EP's slinky synth bass and handmade loops, and replaces them with retro synth pads and big 80s drums. Daví's usually smooth and emotive vocals are processed and tuned blending in with a song that owes more than a little to Nine Inch Nails' break-through album Pretty Hate Machine. Trent Reznor has often talked about his debut as an attempt to record a Prince record (no, seriously. Check out the album outtake 'Maybe Just Once' if you don't believe me). On the EP closer, Daví actually manages to successfully channel Prince's sex appeal through Reznor's righteous anger for a song about the Great Recession, and the financial and social double standards that are coming to a head as a result. “I anticipate and eat cracker jacks / I cook ramen noodles, can't afford cheese and mac / You give me a job, I just pay back Freddie Mac.” Daví pulls the rug out from under the listener; the EP may sound like sex, but Daví makes it clear he has much more on his mind. The title track's chorus turns out to be Daví's mission statement: “Got the seed and the funk and the whole crowd thunk.”? - AFRO PUNK

"Davi- That Thump (new music in yo ear) [dope track]"

Davi is an “artist + choreographer + dj, & resident of NYC” who’s music will immediately make you dance. Even if you aren’t that good of a dancer (like myself). With That Thump slowly filtering the blogosphere I’m sure this isn’t the last or only place you’ll be seeing and hearing of Davi. - The Pretty Dope

"DOWNLOAD :: Daví (from Cubic Zirconia) – “That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)”"

Here at Music For Perfect People, we dig funk. It’s that simple. Lucky for us, we have a new track from Daví, who you should recognize from his work with the Brooklyn DJ outfit Cubic Zirconia. ”That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)” is a faster version of Dam-Funk‘s ”Killdat aka Killdatmuthafu*ka” and really showcases how the funk genre is constantly evolving. Listen/download the track below, and head on over to Daví’s website for more information about future releases. - Music for Perfect People

"DAVI – That Thump."

Ok, so as well all know.. I’m not really into posting music unless I am directly affiliated with the project. It is very important to me to keep my site personal and to really showcase who Mommy Warbuck$ is and a little of what I am involved in. Being a former musician myself, I have the utmost appreciation for art. It is my pleasure to bring you experimental artist, and under the radar projects that are setting trends. For lack of better words, avant garde. I have made one exception of posting a project that I am not directly affiliated with, when I posted the Steven Clark project. Well here is another exception. Yesterday I received a very flattering email from an artist by the name of Davi, who is also a fan of Clark and is responsible for an alternative sound of his own. I must say, I’m beginning to love this Electro movememnt. Davi is a New York native serving as a triple threat (Artist x DJ x Choreographer), and is due to make his mark on the world of Electro-Hip Hop. For more on Davi log on to http://www.bydavi.com - Mommy Warbuck$

"Daví "That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)""

Daví "That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)": Not that I’m gonna compare Daví to Prince, but the lo-fi fuzzy bass, snare cracks and those random keys had me feeling like I was dancing in Paisley Park or some shit. The influences are definitely some 80s Funk style, from actual lyrical content to the whole vibe. Like neph is going to have to make a video shot entirely on VHS to make this one perfect. Daví’s a choreographer that’s worked with loads of people (Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson and Cubic Zirconia, among others), and is using that work to help mold the music he’s making. I respect the idea of mixing genres, and when homey says he wants to pull from George Clinton, M.I.A. and DâM-FunK, you can tell someone’s being forreal. Some funk that you might need to save for Friday night, while you’re in the midst of a serious trip – or about ready to put the head in. - Rock The Dub

"New Music in Yo Ear"

Cubic Zirconia's DAVI, one of the finest talents of our days, just released this beautiful tune that's been on rotation in the TJ headquarters for the past week and dare we say one of the best to be released in 2011. A TJ instant classic...check it out!!! - Twisted Jazz

"Daví – “That Thump (Music In Yo Ear)” [NEW SONG]"

Daví supplies a funky atmosphere with cheeky and flirty vocals that leads to a volcanic ending leaving thoughts of Bootsy Collins and Chromeo. Daví is a new artist hailing from NYC bringing funk back, but with jams like these; did it ever really leave? Tell us what you think. - Greedmont Park

"Funk on a Friday"

It’s been a while since this single has been sitting on my “desk,” which is unfortunate because it’s actually a really fun track. But with life happening and all the other things going on, as I prevously explained, Retail DJ was put on the backburner. Well, these recent days have been about playing catchup and I owe a little shoutout to Daví for his many artistic projects (which beyond singing, also include choreography and DJing).

I first met Daví at a Retail DJ showcase in 2010 and after subsequent run-ins, can say he’s funny, interesting, and genuine, so it’s no surprise that his music reflects the many facets of his personality. His first single “That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)” in reminiscent of electro-soul duo J*Davey, but with even more funk.

For more information on the event visit the facebook invite here. For more on Daví, including his choreography work, check out his website www.bydavi.com.

- Retail DJ - Retail DJ


"That Thump New Music In Yo Ear"
(produced by DaM FunK) [2011]

The Daví EP [coming 2012]



Daví is artist + choreographer + dj

He decided to be a performer when he was six years old and saw his mother cry in the audience when he sang, "Make Me Beautiful" at his family’s church in Windsor, Connecticut. Growing up with split parents, he soon moved to Alexandria, Virginia with his mother and stepfather, where developed a foundation as an actor, dancer and singer in elementary and middle school; winning the Superintendent's Vocal Award two years in a row. After moving back to Connecticut during his high school years, he was signed to Shirley Grant Management in New York City for commercials, television and movies; soon discovering his love for the city.

+ artist
After his acceptance to New York University, Daví arrived to NYC with a burning desire to find his voice within entertainment. He was soon assisting and learning from Grammy Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Gordon Chambers; constantly honing his craft as a singer and songwriter. He performed in and around New York City in venues ranging from Think Coffee (NYC Café) to Jazz at Lincoln Center. After sporadically sharing the stage with soul singer, Amel Larreiux, she wrote in a note to him: "To … my sweet friend with the superfly voice and the stage presence of a star!" He refers to his genre of music as afro.electro.funk and released the explosive Got the Seed EP in 2012.

+ choreographer
His beginnings as a choreographer sprouted at his alma mater, New York University, where he was mentored by modern and classical choreographer, Kathryn Posin and the coach of the NYU Step Team. He has since worked with R&B singer, Ashanti; Pop group, Telephoned; and Hip Hop/Electronica group, Cubic Zirconia with whom he was featured on Fox's Fearless TV, toured and choreographed two music videos. He is the choreographer of the upcoming 2013 Lionsgate comedy feature film, We the Peeples, where he worked with such talents as Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson, David Alan Grier, Tyler James Williams, S. Epatha Merkerson, Kali Hawk and Melvin Van Peebles.
He continues to create choreofilms and movement pieces using a form of dance he has titled akhí; a dance form infused by others including modern, krump, jazz, West Afrikan and hip hop but based on three core principles of understanding:

= Movement is based on the already present frequency and soundings of the mind and body

= Movement illustrates the mind's responses of imagery to the sounds/music it encounters

= Movement is founded in undercurrents of rhythms; the dancer is like a percussionist

+ dj
As a DJ, Daví spins a mixture of Old - New School Hip Hop, 70's Funk, R&B (60's - Current), Pop, International Electronica/Pop, House and Dancehall. You can expect anyone from Grace Jones and Snoop Dogg to M.I.A. and Beyoncé. As a consequence of his work as an artist and choreographer, he is in touch with rhythm and energy in a special way.

Daví's life is committed to a concept he’s entitled Humanistic Justice; where through a self-determined understanding of identity, divisive properties of current socialization have the potential to be minimized and humbled while celebrated in their difference.