david ace dean

david ace dean


emotional doesnt have to be weak. semi-autobiographical/abstract emotronic pop.



21, From Toronto, finishing school up in Montreal.

This is an album prologue,

This is my album.

Over the past five years I’ve written, recorded, and performed countless songs between Toronto, Halifax and Montreal - Canada. These are the ones that made it to the studio, and ultimately, onto record.

There is a ‘side one - side two’ concept came about through the albums diversity. Though all the songs are predominantly lyric driven, some are more electro and keyboard based while others revolve more around a guitar’s chord progression. Side one is more electro, side two is more organic. This concept also helped to organize the songs towards a chronology of content and emotion, side one being more recently written. It’s easy to look at like two EP’s.

All the songs are produced by friend and partner Byron Kent Wong (Crystal Method, David Usher) who had a tremendous influence on the texture of the sounds, the arrangement of instruments and the overall feel. Whether for the radio in a Toronto tourist restaurant or for a sweaty little dance, drink and drug hole in Montreal, I like to think we’ve got something on their for either.

I think of my songs and approach to writing as emotional but not weak, conceptual but concrete, complex yet accessible.

I hope it does something for you,


David Ace Dean


Debut Completed. Launching Nov 29 @ NOW lounge, Toronto. Nov 22 @ The Social, Montreal.

Set List

40 mins.