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Toronto's the 1.

Written By: David Adeney

Toronto’s the 1.


Any way you say it, any way you play it
Toronto’s a place great people are from
Toronto’s a place where great people come
Toronto’s a place where great things get done
Toronto’s a place where great things get done
Toronto’s the one.


Say it with me now.

Toe-ronto, Toe-ronto
Tah-ronto. Tah-ronto
Trawnto, Trawnto
Trawna, Trawna
T.O., T.O.
The Big Smoke, The Big Smoke
The Big Banana, The Big Banana
Hogtown , Hogtown
Toronto the Good, Toronto the Good
Toronto’s the one
My kind of space
A great kind of place



Thank them with me now.

Wayne and Shuster
Banting and Best
Gordon Lightfoot
Murray McLaughlin
Michael Ondaatji
Margaret Atwood
The Barenaked Ladies
The Marvelous Mirvish
Jane Jacobs
Pierre Berton
Neil Young
Mary Pickford
David Cronenberg
Howie Mandel
Robert Bateman
Glen Gould
Jeff Healey
Norman Bethune
June Callwood
Joni Mitchell
Lester B. Pearson
Toronto’s the one

So many people we can’t name them all
Unless we sing winter spring summer and fall