David Andrews

David Andrews


Thoroughly honest storytelling set to music in the vein of Ryan Adams, Old 97's, Elvis Costello, and Jackson Browne. To put it simply, Indie rock/alt country/singer songwriter/rock n' roll.


Growing up in a small midwestern town, the kind of place where everyone knows everyones name, nothing seems to go unnoticed, and the warm summer nights seem to last forever. David writes deeply personal songs that serve as snapshots of moments in time that we may have otherwise let slip pass by unnoticed. Real songs about real people. Songs that everyone can relate song. Songs that could be about your nextdoor neighbor, that girl you've had your eye on, your best friend, or even yourself! Real songs about real people.

Imagine the thoughfulness of Dylan, the honesty of Springsteen, the pop sensibilities of Big Star, the in-your-face attitude of the Replacements, the twangy guitars of Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, and Old 97's, the heartfelt voice of Jackson Browne, and the all-american storytelling of John Steinbeck and Mark Twain.

David Andrews didn't set out the change the world. He just started writing some songs because it felt like the right thing to do. After playing in all manner of rock, punk, and hardcore bands (velouria, rosalie, annaquarium,etc...), fronting a melodic rock band, and playing bass for several other solo artists, David felt ready to move on. He felt ready to see if he could do it on his own.

So he did. He set out to make a record full of songs that he would simply love listening and then see where it could take him. "The Streetlights Blinked As We Drove By" is truly an exceptional staring point for the 21 year old singer-songwriter. And just like he intended, it sure does cover all the bases. From hooky pop ala Superdrag, to jangly guitars courtesy of Big Star, to mid-tempo numbers with a southern twang in the vein of Ryan Adams, Lucinda Williams, and Whiskeytown, to the energy filled punk of the Clash and The Replacements, to 50's soul in the vein of Sam Cooke, to the bouncy pop of The Beatles, and introspective singer-songwriter fare influenced by Gillian Welch, Jackson Browne, and Bob Dylan's early material. All sung with an incredible voice not unlike that of Jackson Browne or The Everly Brothers. 'The Streetlights Blinked As We Drove By" sure is something special. And remember, he's just getting started.

David plans to spend the near futue playing shows wherever he can and demoing new songs for the next release. On which he intends to explore new avenues, refine his sound further, and delve even depper ino trying to find out what it is that makes us all tick.


Smiling In Your Sleep

Written By: David Andrews

You were something else. Something I couldn't easily place. You were on my side. For the first time in a long time I felt brave, and I didn't feel ashamed. Just to see you smile, made my day. Just to see you smile with your eyes closed. I was in the right place. There was something right. Nothing wrong my eyes could see. I hope you know exactly what I mean. I can't explain how I feel, so I'll sing you this song and hope that you can see. Never going back, anyways. I hope you'd stay, even just for a day.

Summer Dress

Written By: David Andrews

I was always waiting for something, for something you could never bring. You were always trying to give me all that you could give. We layed on the grass under the stars. You took my hand, we danced a little more. Just smile at me, and pray this never ends. Cause summertime fell like your dress. You waited outside the party. Said you didn't feel right inside. Well there was never any time that you ever felt right that whole night.

Don't Go Away

Written By: David Andrews

What's been keeping us up all night? Were we wrong to show our love? Maybe this is just a gift from above. There's nothing wrong with our love. There can't be anything wrong with us. There's nothing wrong with us. Baby I'm scared to even say, that we'd be better off some other way. You're the only thing that keeps me in this place. I'll do my best to try and hide it. Baby, just don't go away. I'm counting on this one to last. Unlike what's happened in years past. I gave you that ring so everybody could see how much you belong to me. So why's my heart still aching? And why are these bones still shaking? You were lying on the floor, like the night that came before. You said you wanted to run away. You said, "Things will be better off for us another day."


-"The Streetlights Blinked As We Drove By"-Full Length CD/LP Independantly Released

-Streaming Versions of three songs on http://www.myspace.com/thestreetlightsblinked

Set List

The length of my set list depends of whether I am playing a solo acoustic show (which I do many of) or if I am playing a full band rock show. It all also depends if I am headling the show or simply supporting another artist.

A typical solo acoustic set of mine will be anywhere from 45-60 minutes and will contain songs from my recent release as well as new, unreleased songs, and occasionaly a cover or two (Hank Williams, The Band, Big Star, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Gillian Welch, Jackson Browne,etc...)

A full rock band set will usually be between 45-50 minutes in length. During this set I will usually play 1-2 acoustic based songs with the band. I will also usually play no more than one solo acoustic song during the set. During longer sets I will sometimes play a block of 3-4 solo acoustic songs in the middle of the set. I rarely play covers during full band shows.