David and the Woods

David and the Woods


"Sweet vocal harmony and gradually building guitar layers...loud void that is increasingly filled with low-end guitar distortion...In fact, pretty much anything a heartsick indie veteran might want is here. For us, DATW is the kind of love letter we keep hoping for". (Eric Hill - Exclaim - sept 08)


"David and the Woods" is from the deep and dark woods of Canada, since 2003. I(David) am also running "Cuchabata records" and playing in a couple of other bands like "Crabe" in which I play drum. Nghi is a Doctor who played for a brief time in "Harvee" and also, has is solo project. Martin is the leader, guitarist and singer of "Crabe" and plays in some other bands too. Philippe is the leader, guitarist and singer of "Harvee".

We do a kind of psychedelic and spacy rock à la "Acid mothers temple" and "Bardo pond", combined with the folk-rock of "Neil Young" and "Bob Dylan". We are also influenced by 60's psychedelic rock(Beatles, Rolling stones, Donovan, Captain beefheart...), 70's krautrock (Can...), 80-90's indie rock(Dinosaur jr., Sonic youth, Eric's trip, Elevator, Pavement, Sebadoh...).

We enjoy the four-track machine and all things vintage...because it sounds good in our ears. We like to get you into outerspace as much as getting you moshing on the dance floor. We like to hear Syd Barret saying..."Isn't it good to be lost in woods?"

So...do you wanna get lost in the woods with us???


David and the Woods first album CD-R, 7 songs, 53 minutes, 2003 *Satory ep CD-R, 5 songs, 16 minutes, 2004 *Les archipels de l'oceanie CD-R, 15 songs, 68 minutes, 2005 *The curve ep CD-R, 3 songs, 14 minutes, 2006 *Evilive CD-R, 13 songs, 65 minutes, 2006 *Satory LP CD-R, 23 songs, 78 minutes, 2008 *Forever sleeping CD-R, 11 songs, 65 minutes, 2008

Set List

We mostly do songs from the two last albums and sometimes we do one cover...especially "Astronomy domine" from the Pink floyds ;) Our sets don't last more than 45 minutes.