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I recently recorded "Affected", "Save On,", and "For the People" with Mark Riddick in Nashville. The masters were produced during May in time for the Florida Music Festival 2009. This was a great experience and the show went great. Other songs will soon be recorded in Nashville...stay tuned!



Hi. My name is David Anthony; and yes, this is going to be a first person bio.

I was born just before the turn of 1983, the year of the largest black out in US history; odd coincidence. Anyways, I really like music; especially acoustically juxtaposed tidbits of melodic deliciousness. I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 14. My parent’s involvement with our church had an impact on me musically, and I suppose in the natural order of things I just assumed my rightful role in the musical genetic pool from whence I was created. I’ve got the ear, thank goodness; that’s really allowed me to learn at my own pace over the years and embrace a truly organic cultivation of my own sense of style.

My influences have been all across the board since I started this journey. I was once the Ibanez shredding, Van Halen tapping mad man that learned “Stairway to Heaven” as a first song. I’ve received an invaluable sense for ‘out of the box’ dynamics within musical/melodic structures from the absolutely remarkabale Steve Vai; brilliant. But alas, my true nature finally met its vehicle upon an introduction to Jazz and contemporary finger style acoustic guitar; thank you Tommy Emmanuel.

I like to think that my style is akin to Dave Matthews meeting Norah Jones at the BET Awards, being hosted by Donald Fagan and Al Jarreau. I’ve been very grateful to be able to pull just the appropriate musical idiosyncrasies from all of my primary afore mentioned influences; its been very helpful in shaping what I feel is a rather original sound.

I’m currently thriving in Nashville TN, and on the first leg of the race for accomplishment within the music business; and my team and I are off to a good start. Since late 2008 I’ve been honored to be able to write with songwriting hall-of-famer Roger Cook (“If I Could Teach the World To Sing” and 10 other no. 1 hits) and legendary Nashville writer Bobby Carmichael (George Straight, etc..). My song, “So Wrong” landed within the top 20 of the Nashville Song Contest early in 2009 and I have recently been selected, along with only 35 others nationwide, to showcase my music at the Florida Music Festival 2009 in Orlando FL in May. I’ve recently co-produced my studio LP project with freelance producer Mark Riddick (Sony, EMI, BMI…) and it’s receiving encouraging feedback from local industry insiders for its freshness, melodic approachability and originality.

As an essentially new artist, I’m truly looking forward to being able to influence people with my music by giving them a sense of companionship within the terribly tumultuous emotional ride that is our lives. I write intriguing, approachable but yet ambiguous enough lyrics, for everyone to relate to, and then wrap them in soul-fluenced melodies painted within an atmosphere that captures the raw emotion of human circumstance.

I believe that music can move people to do amazing and inspiring things. I hope, one day, to be blessed enough to be able to wake up every day with that as my sole focus.

Thanks for reading.

David Anthony