David Ashley

David Ashley


What if John Mayer and Jack Johnson got saved?Then they collaborated to produce a sound that was somewhere in between the two styles. The result would sound very similar to David Ashley


David Ashley is a singer/songwriter that has just finished his acoustical debut album entitled, "Character Appreciation." After much searching for a musical genre that was fitting, David finally realized that his sound needed to match his personality: relaxed and laid back. That's exactly what his debut album brings to the Christian music table. "I think a lot of Christians are consumed with the worries of life," David says, "and I just want to give listeners a chance to take a second to sit back and breathe. Let them realize God is always in control: so relax." David has only been writing for less than 3 years but definately has natural ability beyond his years. His influence in music is as broad as is possible. From Gospel to Alternative to Country. "I love music because of the impact it is able to have on someone," David says, "not because of its particular genre."


Character Appreciation is scheduled to be released April 1st, 2007

Set List

I have about 90 minutes worth of original music, and I can play unlimited cover songs in every genre.