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"No Longer The Same"

Written By: David A. Taylor

“No Longer The Same”—written by David A. Taylor
Vs. 1
What happened to me
Some years ago

Was amazing to me

Oh the tears they show

How somebody like me

Was spared to live again

I was shown the way

But I refused to go

My heart said yes

But my mind said no

And I really wasn’t ready

To give up the life I had.

Vs. 2
Well, I’m ready now

To live for you

I can’t sit still

And it’s all I can do

To contain myself

From the joy that’s inside of me.

You reached down to me

And washed me clean

You looked away from my sin

Now my troubles will end

And your glory has filled

Each and every part or me.


I’m no longer the same
‘Cause my life has changed

Now that Jesus lives in me

I’m a new creation.

I’m no longer the same

And I’m blessed in Jesus’ name

My life’s been re-arranged

‘Cause I’m not the same.